Anon #racist

ALL WHITE PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. MOST WHITES (CRACKERS TO YOU) THAT I KNOW DONT EVEN LIKE HIM AND THINK HE IS A JOKE. THIS IS THE SAME AS ANY NEGRO WHO THINKS ALL WHITES LIKE TRUMP HAVE A LOW IQ (INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT). ILL BET THAT THE AVERAGE IQ FOR BLACK PEOPLE IS AT LEAT 20 POINTS BELOW US CRACKERS AVERAGE. yes this is extremely racist and i probably will get kicked off of Facebook but if i see one for more black person dressed exactly like every other black person I'm going to explode. Why are they afriad of being different. Most blacks are just about perfect copies of each other with there clothes cars speech moment and way of thinking. I know you blacks think your so much better because you dumb down the english language, make up new words as a 5 year old child does. don't even get me started on rap. Its the same stupid lyrics over and over in each song just changed slightly. One lyric I heard the other day that was supposed to be a love song was saying "hit it from the back, make you feel comfortable"...... Those words and words like it are destroying our society. Little girls listen to that crap on the pop station radio and subconsciously and conciously are changed into what would've been considered a slut many years ago. Now is mandatory if you want any popularity. Have sex with who you want when you want and as much as possible. i feel sorry for any blackster with poor vision because they are so worried about being exactly like every other black that you will never see one wearing glasses. lol its pitiful. Look at NFL NBA. what color dominates? those sports rely not so much on your mind except quarter back who are most white to do most of the thinking but still backs on average run faster and jump higher. Their phyicall are so amazing its almost like they are a product of selective breading during the slave era but that can't be true look at africa. We see team after team of basketball and football and other sports with a all these super athletes in africa... O wait no we don't its just the american blacks that are the super athletic ones. the slave owners would've never bread the strongest male with hardest working female to produce a fast working and high endurance child slave, that would be nonsense right? no they did selective breading for 500yrs and now we have kobe and jordan etc. show me one native african with half the abilities of jordan or lebron....... I'm waiting. They don't exist. nowhere in the world do blacks exist with the abilities that african americans have.... NOWHERE BUT IN THE US WHERE SELECTIVE BREADING WAS DOCUMENTED AND DEFINITELY PROVEN. Its funny because blacks think they just got lucky or they are the super race. No. If you want to continue to blame me and my generation for slavery (which no black american has been a slave nor has any whites of this generation owned a slave) then after your done blaming us for something we have never seen then also take the time to thank us for your ability to get abs by only walking to your mailbox each month and not working out.



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