Moderator’s note: The quote isn’t really way far out whacky fundie and decries both ends of the spectrum. Approving it for whatever it’s worth.

Secular Talk: "The US military eliminated the worlds top terrorist" - Trump. No you eliminated a foreign general who just defeated ISIS and was on a peace mission to deescalate Iran - Saudi tension.

Vernaculis: Okay so now Kulisnki has three things to say about Soleimani.

1. Was a foreign general
2. Defeated ISIS
3. Was on a peace mission to ease Iran/Saudi tensions

Nothing else is worth mentioning according to him.

I wish we could do away with the Mike Pence’s of the world who claim Soleimani should be held partly responsible for 9/11, and the Kulinski’s of the world who intentionally ignore the deaths of innocent people unless the US can be blamed for it.



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