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Keep voting for Demorats if you LOVE:
* Constant coverups of criminal activity.
* Presidential policies than ruin America.
* Higher taxes.
* Higher rampant crime rates.
* Leftist DA's will refuse to prosecute criminals.
* More CONVICTS released into YOUR neighborhood.
* More laws to coddle and encourage criminals.
* Abolish prisons eventually.
* Tons of homeless encampments everywhere.
* Urban plight and decay.
* Open Borders.
* Sanctuary cities and states.
* FREE healthcare for all illegal immigrants.
* Higher gas prices.
* Policies cause highest Inflation since 1970's.
* Mandates to buy an electric vehicle in a few years.
* More Covid mandates,...because THEY SAY SO!
* More business regulations.
* Irrational theory taught to YOUR kindergartner.
* More looting, rioting, and just general lawlessness.
* "Woke" policies in U.S. military.
* Alternative lifestyles exposed to your children in schools.
I can go on & on,...but how ANYONE can vote for Democrats is astounding.
Joe Biden has already beat The Fed to it! He is the WORST wannabee president ever!

MAGA SUPPORTER #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Joe Biden can't read a teleprompter, yet shakes hands with ghosts. He’s laughed at by third world countries, He can't stay upright generally speaking. His presidency has been constant bank failures. As VP and President he’s covering for Hunter and his own questionable deals. The fentanyl epidemic, unprecedented violence, uncontrolled shoplifting, runaway inflation, toxic train derailments, $100 BILLION squandered on losing proxy war in Ukraine, widespread and conspicuous fires, Afghanistan military defeat, racial strife, worldwide devaluation of the dollar, demolition of the Nordstream II pipeline, depletion of strategic oil reserves, unsecured borders, drag queen story hour, and the woke indoctrination of children continue on under his approval will be his only legacy. Biden will go down in history as absolutely, unquestionably THE WORST president of this country. Period.
If Joe Biden is so great, why did he spend 100 BILLION dollars to help Ukraine keep their borders secure, and now they are losing the war with Russia, but he WON'T DO A THING to secure America's border with Mexico? Joe Biden is a TRAITOR!
Check out NEXT NEWS NETWORK and NEWSMAX on YouTube to get REAL news! Those news outlets expose the lies that Fox, CNN, MSN, etc broadcast and think we will just buy that garbage! They expose the underhanded criminal works of the Democratic Party too!
Handout Joe has been wasting American taxpayer money at an alarming rate! VOTE JOE BIDEN OUT!

MAGA SUPPORTER #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Joe Biden is the WORST president our country has ever seen! Democrats should be ashamed for voting for him!
Time to WISE UP America! Joe Biden is not out to help Americans! He HAS and WILL CONTINUE TO burden you, destroy America and line his pockets with laundered foreign money! WISE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
It's VERY evident that Biden voters DID NOTHING to research their choice for president before voting! Look what Democrats GOT for a president! They should be ASHAMED!
I ask this question! Are you better off having Biden as president? Most people, if they are telling the truth, will say NO! Their income doesn't buy nearly as much as it did before Biden took office! Higher food prices, higher gas prices, higher prices for EVERYTHING! Joe Biden and the people who voted for him ARE TO BLAME!
Biden has DESTROYED AMERICA with his astronomically high inflation, worst economy ever, high fuel and food prices! But then, a lot of greedy Americans that can't stop spending more than they earn, are partly to blame too! STOP THE GREED!
Handout Joe will do ANYTHING for a vote! He will let unborn babies perish, give hard earned taxpayer money to those who aren't willing to work, give money to other countries who could care less about him and America!

Norma Utter #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot msn.com

This is the reason America will fail. The debt ceiling has repeatedly been ignored. Unfunded liabilities. They are over 100 trillion dollars. The crisis is real. Every year the dollars owed will be transferred to the national debt. In 10 years we will be paying interest on 53 trillion dollars. Google or Bing, how much are federal unfunded liabilities. You will see for yourself what's in the future of America, each year 2 trillion transferred to the national debt. we need structural change.

Jeff Texas #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

I'm fine with a national divorce.  No civil war, no conflict.  Just separate.  Population divided into conservative states and progressive states and don't allow the progressive to migrate over to conservative states when their society and economies fail.  Stop them at the conservative border and force them back.

Patrick Hartman #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

The democrats on a national level have adopted authoritarianism with elements of fascism and marxism mixed together and can't be compromised with.  They need to be stopped before they finnish destroying America.  I am not familiar with what is going on in Oregon but if the alt left is the same as the  national brethren they need to be stopped too.

MAGA SUPPORTER #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Joe Biden can't read a teleprompter, yet shakes hands with ghosts. He’s laughed at by third world countries, He can't stay upright generally speaking. His presidency has been constant bank failures. As VP and President he’s covering for Hunter and his own questionable deals. The fentanyl epidemic, unprecedented violence, uncontrolled shoplifting, runaway inflation, toxic train derailments, $100 BILLION squandered on losing proxy war in Ukraine, widespread and conspicuous fires, Afghanistan military defeat, racial strife, worldwide devaluation of the dollar, demolition of the Nordstream II pipeline, depletion of strategic oil reserves, unsecured borders, drag queen story hour, and the woke indoctrination of children continue on under his approval will be his only legacy. Biden will go down in history as absolutely, unquestionably THE WORST president of this country. Period.
Handout Joe has been wasting American taxpayer money at an alarming rate! VOTE JOE BIDEN OUT!
Demorats are really proud of a president (Biden) that can't walk, talk, think on his own and doesn't have a spine. Shows how inept Democratic voters truly are!
America is sick of Joe Biden and the Democrats and their fake Democracy!
Biden's "accomplishments"...Let's see:
*Abandoned Afghanistan,
*Caused gas prices to rise dramatically, caused shortages in imports,
*Increased racial disharmony, responsible for more criminals being let loose on the streets, especially in big cities which brought increased crime statistics, *Brought tremendous inflation,
*Increased joblessness, brought "open borders" to the Southern border states with dramatically increased illegal invasion
Bidoom wants everything to go electric so that we won't depend
on fossil fuels. He is oblivious to realizing that it takes coal and oil
to make electricity! FOSSIL FUELS! AMERICA, don't buy into this propaganda
from the Bidum Cartel! Going electric only profits Jose' Bigoon!

Quentin Holt #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

Old Hitler has been gone now for 78 years. I suspect that you may have gotten a bit rusty on what Hitler was really like. Unlike Hitler and unlike you and other Democrats, Governor DeSantis is a decent human being who is looking out for the people of his state and the people of his nation and his oath of office. The only fault that I find with him is that he is planning on running for President against the Donald.

Siryeehaw #wingnut #racist #conspiracy deviantart.com

Who the fuck is paying for reparations Mr. Not?
If its the Republicans- then-
A. You blew up the Republicans and all their money. They're debt-slaves now.
B. Hope you enjoy an insurgency for the next 50 years.

If its the remaining loyal states then-
A. This government sucks. Its giving preferential treatment to Blacks. You're just doing black supremacy and ignoring all the times other Whites, Natives, Asians, and Hispanics get/got exploited.
B. Damn I've come home to my new BugHome(tm) because my suburban home was bulldozed while I was in service to Kamala-Lock-Em-Up-Harris. And I gotta pay extra taxes to the Black guy next door.
Who also gets reparations? I know you said descendant of the 1st Civil War. Do you not realize that's 170 years ago? If generations are 20-30 years long, thats 8-9 generations depending on how much family you have. Do you not realize how many people that is? That's 512 ancestors for you in 8 generations, and 9 generations doubles that for 1024 ancestors. Thats not even getting into adoption if you'd count that or even be able to find connections.
Though I guess since its generalized to just 'African-Americans', so again- back to that black supremacy thing. Or is it just African-Americans, emigrant Africans need not be cared for. Or is it all Blacks in American society? Recently emigrated Nigerians and Congolese get special treatment. Is it anyone with a darker-than-caramel skin color?

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(Gary A. Anderson)
China just needs to wait and let their mole of a President; Joe Biden break the backs of the American taxpayer. It’s that simple and done way before in secrecy with the idea of forever keeping it unknown to the future.

(Barbara Boxer)
The US should just drop a country that will ignite a nuclear war. Taiwan is that country. What is any other rationale for this to exist. America cannot make a comeback, after nuclear war. Taiwan cannot be trusted. Taiwan has always looked out for Taiwan.

(J P)
There are four sequences that must occur to subjugate another nation: Attack, Invade, Conquer, Govern. Apply these to Russia, and you see none of those have occurred. Apply these to China and you will also see none have occurred. The China threat is manufactured by the Democrats and the media. Russia's 'threat' of over 78 years is also manufactured by the media. The true attacks on America that killed innocent civilians occurred on 9-11, then later in Orlando, and then in San Bernardino, and again in New York. Look to the facts as to who is America's enemy.

(YG Pom)
What agression? Taiwan is part of China, the only aggression in that region is caused by the US who is not even a neighboring country there

Steve null and Carol Epstein #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Steve null)
Ad Hominem attack.   This is the way of the left and Democrats.
Devalue and defame the individual, rather than provide facts.  When they have none they can provide, they attack the person.   We see it down the list.
The article provider is just as bad as MSNBC, CNN, NYT, and Wa Post...   just attack arms for the oppressive DNC.
Try looking at reality and the actions of the Democrats.   I know people think that an authoritarian regime ruled by the DNC is better than a Constitutional Republic with a free market society.

(Carol Epstein)
and then reality hits the left. 200 thousand people from blue states up north have moved down here this year alone. I've been a woman for 60 years and I will be voting for him as well as all my female friends. Time to woke up to the lies.

HK K and Bertrand Finklenanny #conspiracy #moonbat #wingnut msn.com

(HK K)
We shouldn't be in Ukraine either... no less handing away tens of billions of taxpayer money to fight a proxy war with Russia and saber-rattling all of Russia's nuclear allies.

(Bertrand Finklenanny)
The only reason they're taking Ukraine is for a buffer zone, for the inevitable NATO invasion of Russia.
Moreover, the Ukrainian Civil War that Victoria Nuland started left a serious mess on Russia's border, so Russia has to intervene now.

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Joe B)
@Bob King
Obama's leadership put us into a recession and the country saw the lowest growth in history.  Unemployment was high.  His spending on stimulus projects only benefited China.  He failed miserably on foreign policy, domestic policy, crime, trade and education.  Biden's presidency is just an extension of Obama's failed policies and it's driving us back into the same place.  
Oh and Bush's recession was mainly a result of Clinton's policies.  Clinton's community reinvestment act was the root cause of the housing crisis and bank collapses of 2008.  His Free Trade agreements with China and the WTO is what drove the offshoring of manufacturing leading to the unemployment crisis.

(Delta Kilo Tango)
@Bob King
Not even close. Trump was one of the best and the welfare of the country when he was in proves it. BTW: Independent.

(drew defilippis)
@Bob King
Obama strengthened the Deep state by politicizing the FBI and DOJ , he also divided America

(Scott Hightower)
I think Biden is actually worse than Carter, can't believe I am saying it as that is scary. But remember that every policy change Biden has done has directly affected our economy and he started on day one. Sad part is that any person with common sense knew what the outcome was going to be.

(R. D.)
All 3 are demoKLANcRATS. What a "coincidence" 'eh?
Don't forget openly racist pro-slavery and pro-Klan demoKLANcRAT POTUS Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren who founded the demoKLANcRAT party, racist demoKLANcRAT James Polk, racist demoKLANcRAT Andrew Johnson, racist demoKLANcRAT Woodrow Wilson, racist demoKLANcRAT Harry Truman, and openly racist demoKLANcRAT POTUS FDR ...just to name a few.

Anthony Radavich #wingnut #conspiracy #racist msn.com

This is actually funny---The CCP has thousands of spies spread and planted across the entire world, with more entering the USA everyday-- joining the thousands already here. Our FBI, CIA, and DOJ are aware of this, but with their close ties with this corrupt Biden administration and being under the thumb and control of the democrat party-- are doing little about it. Hundreds of Chinese nationals are crossing our open southern border--???? how many are spies?

Franklin Werkheiser Jr and patrick savoir #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Franklin Werkheiser Jr)
But in reality, the facts show that he didn't. The United States would be a Socialist or Communist Country right now had it not be for Manchin. You want to condemn anyone you should be condemning the Rhinos Mcconnell, Romney, Graham, Cheney and all the other Rhinos who got us in to the situation we're in right now. Those Rhinos are the ones that support the liberal's agenda, and the proof is all the Rhinos signatures on the Corrupt Green Bill and all the other bills passed. One should get one's facts straight.
(patrick savoir)
@Christina Melgar
He is a moderate democrat that believes in America and Americans, not far left woke ideals. Democrats destroy anyone that doesn't agree 100% with their agenda, even in their own party.
@Cathi Rice
Manchin and Sinema are the only moderately sane ones in the democrat party, they are not willing to follow the rest of the party down the path of destruction, and they will try to destroy them for it..... there is only one way to think in the new democrat communist party.

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Frederick Camacho)
What I see as what the Republicans rail against simple understanding of American culture and American way of life is. The Left/progressive introduce an unacceptable alternative to our culture. Most of the culture shifts deemed acceptable to the Left, were 15/20 years ago were considered an abomination to civilized people. The Roman Empire traveled down the same path it to crumbled from the weight of wokeness.

(Born Free)
So grateful to be an American, not a Democrat. We protect kids, defend our border, language, and culture, promote true education (pretty sure China, Russia and Japan don't spend their kids' time learning DEI, CRT revisionist history and Core math lol). We defend our individual rights, and know that the more government there is, the fewer rights we each have.

(alienjon jones)
Socialist like all destructive hate groups should be monitored. Unions do not do people any good today. The Republicans are the ones standing up for the Jews. Who was it that moved the embassy to Jerusalem like the past five presidents said they would do? ( oh yeah Pres Trump a Republican)
Which party continues to attack the supreme court? yes Demo
Which party attacks the US Constitution and individual rights? yes demo
Who has practice the same eugenics ideal as Hitler? yes Democrats.
Who has ran beautiful cities into the ground?
Yes demo
Who are the party of racist thugs? yes Demo again.

(J. H.)
Leftists suddenly have an issue with canceling people Yet try to claim Republicans are the Hypocrites. The things being cancelled are being done by trash human being leftists. The Republicans, the good ones anyway, are trying to stop the Degradation of society, and the immoral things being done by the leftists to destroy our country and remove God.

The Wildman and D Lazy #wingnut msn.com

This is not a republican problem. The spending bill was all a demonrat bill with no way to pay for it. Now all the fake news media and other socialist liberal demon rats are blaming the republicans because they will not give the demonrats the money they need to buy votes with and to waste money on their pork that was in the bill. I hope the republicans do not cave. china joe and the demon rats are idiots

(D Lazy)
I hope the Republicans stand their ground. CoVid is over so that spending needs to stop or at least be reallocated. Plus both the Republicans and Democrats have had a spending problem for years and we as a country are reaching a tipping point. This is hopefully the first step in fixing that.
To all those who say it was raised 3 times for Trump no strings attached, need to understand that all 3 times it was bi-partisan and was almost entirely based on CoVid spending.

Daniel Holliday and Bruce Walkinthewoods #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Daniel Holliday)
The ignorance of this man is amazing, raising the minimum wage may sound good, but any raise is a raise in production costs which in turn is a raise on consumer prices. Which increases inflation.

(Bruce Walkinthewoods)
Since our students tested 24% proficient in math and 20% in reading. Thanks to Randi Weingarten and the public-school teachers' unions. Just the way democrats want you. Dumb and dependent. Easy to manipulate. Easy to control.

Totally Not Trollin' Award

Long Live China, The Country of Future™

thormemeson #wingnut deviantart.com

Its stuff like this that makes me very glad I turned AOC into a dictator of a failing state it confirms just how much of a fraud the left are.
Protecting democracy? Let me guess a sign of dictatorship is neutering centralized government in favor of giving states the right to rule.
no actually that what the say in fact alt right leader Richard Spencer endorsed Joe Biden for president. In a series of tweets, he wrote.
“The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster; but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end. So be patient. We’ll have another day in the sun. We need to recover and return in a new form.
I will never flip on my fundamental principles. (My principles were never voting for the supposed ‘the lesser or two evils’ or ‘stopping big government.’)
Walking into certain defeat, even death, is not heroic. It’s foolhardy. I have no sympathy for martyrs. I admire winners.”
In all you fascists only change in one area what you call people who stand in the way of your control. Hitler cried jews, you cry alt right or cis white male.
The far right aren't burning cities to the ground dude thats the left wing antifa. In all these far right supporters are they these one that turned out to be staged?
Pick a city Chicago, NYC, LA, and even Dallas. The lincoln project is staffed and funded by Democrats dude its about as right wing as my cat is a pony.
You're clearly delusional those cities crime riddle hell holes NYC has murders walking free. In all its pretty clear you aren't going to facts and data.

Boogaloo Shrimp #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

we dont have any business in Eastern Europe at all. its russians land to begin with. I say let them fight it out. strongest will survive.
@Steven Hadaegh
yeah... go way back because this is a territory dispute and ukraine should get the brunt of russias attacks... the more the merrier
@Steven Hadaegh
Yeah, No one will count on you to fight for your country. cowards lead from the rear.
@Steven Hadaegh
ok...the USA doesn't have any business in Ukraine. Russia should tacnuke Kiev
inching towards that one world govt. we are all sheep

Stan Svetlov and Nobody’s Business #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(Stan Svetlov)
Bloody clown zelensky performs on the circus arena! Ukr-facsist cannot offer any 'peace formula' as he and his criminal regime continues murders!
(Nobody's Business)
The green screen hoax Ukraine...Ukraine the money laundering capital of the planet...and 2nd with child trafficking and pathological weapon development. The Cabal infiltrators such as Biden, Obama. Clintons, Schumers, Schiff, Pelosis, and a host of others are swindling the American people on a daily, hourly basis for millions. The WEF is taking the rest while the so called "democracy" leader Zelensky sells off every weapon he can to the terrorist black market for cash to keep up his silver spoon, his drag scene, and his elitest life style. Ukraine is the largest hoax next to Covid this world has ever seen.

various commenters #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(allen Lawrence)
Biden is succeeding in his ambitions to empower China. It got close with the Hunter Biden fiasco almost exposing his Chinese bribes, but the media was successful in covering that up too. Good job selling out America under it's own nose Biden!
(Realist 6703)
The dollar is supposed to be safe and stable, risk free, economic sanctions on countries around the world changed that. We're getting what we asked for, don't blame anyone else.
(Damon Williams)
At 31 Trillion in debt, the United States is basically using Monopoly money nowdays. You can't continue to print money because then there's nothing backing the dollar other than what people "agree" upon as a value.
(Robert Edwards)
Your can thank our President for that.......this is only the beginning.......
(Secret Affair)
Might as will start flying’ the Chinese flag. It’s over America
(Steven Aman)
Nope, that dollar is not in trouble at all. That's just a right-wing conspiracy theory, right? With India, Brazil, China, Russia (and Europe not far behind) on dismantling US authority by dismantling its currency, the dollar is doomed as is our economy unless we can get leadership who understand the difference between diplomacy and idiocy.
(CASEY Klepzig)
If you do not fully understand this. If you think so what. Remember wars are fought by governments, nasty letters, and closing embassies. But the crucial point in this is the US has a debt of over 120 percent of yearly GNP. It has been propped up by the currency of exchange. When, not if, because China is influencing countries, this expands, and a recession on a worthless dollar will crash over the printed money machine.

Miles Drake #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt msn.com

You people were prepared for us last time - your police agents lured unarmed citizens into the Capitol, murdered some of them and cast thousands of others into solitary confinement. where their starvation, torture and brutality caused numbers of Capitol Police myrmidons to kill themselves out of remorse. It is we normals and patriots who will be prepared for you when you try to steal the next election, too, and impose a Peoples Republiuc on us.

Dustin Rhodes #conspiracy #pratt msn.com

@Francis Costa
This has never been about defending Democracy because Ukraine is a Democracy in name only. I would also point out that the current invasion of Ukraine is merely the continuation on the 2014 invasion that was stopped by the Minsk 1 and 2. Russia invaded because the Ukrainians were committing genocide of the ethnic Russians in the Donbas and Crimea. This never really ended even though it was supposed to by the Minsk accords. You can review 2014 CNN reports from the region for confirmation.
Many western leaders and even the former Ukrainian PM have admitted that the Minsk accords were a delaying tactic to allow them to build up their military - they were ALWAYS going to restart the war with Russia. They just had to lure Russia across the border so they would not be seen as the aggressor and the western press were ready to run the propaganda. Right up until the invasion - Ukrainian forces were shelling Russian civilians in the Donbas. They killed over 200 in February 2022 alone. In the circles they call this type of thing a false flag. This is the WHY Russia invaded according to a NATO analyst that was there. Funny how you never see any of this in the news here but just look who sponsors most of the news channels here: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics to name a few - all the companies profiting off this.

I realize most won't be happy about this information or perhaps skeptical - to them I say do your own research. If you wonder why other countries aren't onboard with how we are approaching Ukraine - this is why. They don't have the western media propaganda machine feeding them fertilizer to get support for the war. Sometimes the truth isn't what we want to hear.

LotusRubin #conspiracy #wingnut deviantart.com

I never witnessed such Hatred for let's say Example "islamic Terrorists", after the (false Flag?) Terror Attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.
I never witnessed such an intense, enormous Hatred inside US-America - for anyone else. "ONLY" always at the leftwingish Side, for their fellow US-Americans. Only for voting Republican and not voting for the Demo(n)crats who want to DESTROY the United States, as what it is.

LotusRubin #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy deviantart.com

I think the so called " Second Civil War " would be over very VERY soon.
((( (( (Their) )) ))) only leftwingish, smelly Hope is -> that they have taken ENOUGH SHITS INSIDE THE BRAINS of the US-Army, that these would move and try to prevent their utter Destruction.
The Side of the obnoxious, recalcitrant, eternal Crybabies ( Leftwing ),
the Side of the based, hard-working, law-abiding Worker-Class ( Rightwing ), ???
There is no Question who would win. But sadly -> the political Right has to much Humanity inside their Hearts, to give these recalcitrant Darkness-Spawns the Treatment they deserve.
While this is good and prevents disgusting, smelly Globalists like George Soros to see their "DESIRED US-AMERICA" in which US-Americans slaughter each other,
it's R~EEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY hard to constantly get called a "Fascist" and the likes all the Life : and constantly being viciously attacked in one way or the other,
and NEVER roll out the Whip and the Belt and give these pieces of sxxx the absolute TRASHING that they always provoke and beg for - for Years and YEARS on End - and who never stop with this crap.
It started so hard in November 2016,
when a Man was elected as US-President, that their " MAIN STREAM MASTERS " had demonised, defamed and slandered for about half a Year,
People SCREEEEEAAAMED into the Sky like Demons bathed in Holy Water, hence creating legendary Meme's,
and only because the Citizens of the United States elected a Man ((( (( (THEY) )) ))) didn't want to see elected, an UUUUUUUUUUNBELIEVABLE Era of Division and obnoxious Bullshit was kicked loose.
I am not even US-American and even "i" can't unsee it. SO. MUCH. HATRED. for US-America and the based, law-abiding, honest-working Labor- and Worker-Class,
it's IN~SANE.

Scott Palmer and Joseph Boomhower #conspiracy #psycho msn.com

(scott palmer)
I definitely think money is more important than freedom or war crimes. We are just monkeys anyways, lets take what anyone has while no one is looking. If you are stronger, just conquer.
(Joseph Boomhower)
Europe has nothing to gain and everything to lose siding with the US. A multipolar world is better for everyone, the US is out of control, lost it's mind. Countries should be independent, putting their peoples interest first. Stop with the nonsense of global orders, globalism.

various commenters #conspiracy #wingnut #moonbat #pratt msn.com

(Heather McCormick)
Zelenskyy is a war criminal that oppresses his own people
(Matthew Fierro)
meanwhile after sending billions to Ukraine, Americans live underneath Bridges and even these are falling down
(Stan Svetlov)
Zelensky is bloody clown and facsist supported by criminal nato/usa. These nazis must be destroyed!
(Michael A. Gonzales)
FACT: Actor con-artist and title holder of the most corrupt leader of the most corrupt country in the world. He said Americans will let their children fight for Ukraine's wars. Putin is a HERO !
(A M)
Their comedy act will stop soon. They are playing while they can. But Russia will decide the outcome of this comedy NATO show.

MSNBC NIGHTMARE, Robert Jew, Linkedin Notification #conspiracy msn.com

A waste of time and deceiving the world. Just as the US and the West are losing the war in Ukraine and Ukraine is getting totally destroyed, the same thing will happen to Tawain eventually. Why would West get into wars when they lack the resources and strategy to win. They didn't learn the lesson in Vietnam and recently in Afghanistan when they got defeated, humiliated and kicked out.
(Robert Jew)
Tensions manufactured by the U.S. in the continuing too obtuse anti-China movement that countries usually aligned with the U.S. (e.g. Saudi Arabia, France) are not following the U.S. down the rabbit hole.
(Linkedin Notification)
The tension is created by US and follow by Japan only which is the country that fear the most of retribution from China.  Other parties are not whole hearted in support of the so-called tension.

Abbey Gate #conspiracy msn.com

@Daniel Ramsey
Now check the weapons stock. The West can't keep up the supply to Ukraine even when ramping up production. The Russians have stockpiles way past the exhaustion of Ukraine's weapons.
There are also countries breaking sanctions to supply Russia with more, while Western countries are questioning whether to keep supplying them at the current rates.
Cheap gas and oil buy friends and their best new buddies China have been making a lot of friends that used to be friends of the West.
(Elmahdi Oummih)
This nonsense in Ukraine has hurt the US in so many ways its scary. The mistakes made were on such a grand scale, it is hard to even fathom the terrible consequences this will have towards US hegemony throughout the world. The key is to focus on what to do to mitigate the damage. There is only one way to fix this and that is by going nuclear. One or two nukes will cause damage, but will remind the world that the US would rather nuke the whole world than lose its status as king of the hill.

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Richey Douglas)
We can't even stop illegal activity at our border.  We cannot win any war with China or against Russia.
(Your Majesty)
You are in for a rude awaking my friend. They have it together better than us. This analogy is false. I was in China in 2019, in Shanghai, Xi'an, and Beijing. We're being lied to. They've passed us now. Roads like glass with no litter at all. Rose bushes and beautiful shrubbery along the highways. They haven't wasted money on needless wars like we have. In a month I never saw any road rage. They have way more people than we do, but nobody looks angry. They beep and change lanes in a friendly manner. This idea that they are third world is lie.
(James A. Ritchie Ritchie)
What point?  That we're willing to go to war and kill who knows how many people over something that's none of our business, and with a country that could wipe out our entire economy in ten minutes?  Yeah, great point Biden wants to make.
(john wolf)
Waiting for basement joe to surrender, then send 500-billion to china for hurting their feelings
(Richey Douglas)
We cannot win a war with China or in Ukraine.  Stop the nonsense and defend our borders.

Richey Douglas, Cort Hatfield and Heru Heru #wingnut #conspiracy #moonbat msn.com

(Richey Douglas)
These idiot democrats' diplomats are putting us on a clear path to a nuclear war with Russia.  Joe Biden already blew up Nord Stream which is already an act of War.  That's coming back to bite because the Chinese are backing Russia now.  We are deep trouble.
(Cort Hatfield)
Do you really think those mentioned nations give a diddly what the G7 wants?  Hell no, they don't.  The USA is a 'compromised-by-China' laughingstock internationally and everyone knows it.
(Heru Heru)
I love the picture of that blinking idiot with Japan's minister, they must be twins.
I bet you if they did an ancestry search, they'd probably wind up on the same branch.
How old is that picture it shows Blinky and the clueless guy laughing when we just read Japan was not happy about the ease dropping or was that South Korea.
Then the article further States G7 rejects China, North Korea, and Russia's aggressions what aggressions Tehy went to claim those who wanted to reunite with Russia.
North Korea, what aggression, and China is going to reaclimate their wayward child who joined the cult, boy that must be tough on the knees

Fred McConnell and Abbey Gate #conspiracy #moonbat #wingnut msn.com

(Fred McConnell)
It's only common sense that Russia will win! This was a fact from the beginning and only logical. Russia is FAR bigger with FAR more resources. Ukraine has ALWAYS been in the Russian sphere and nothing will EVER change that. It is not a matter of right or wrong, fair or unfair, it's strictly a matter of reality. Ukraine is destined to become identical to Belarus and should have fallen into line long ago. Now it is in ruin, must be rebuilt by somebody to even be a country again. That somebody is going to be Russia, nobody else. Sorry.

Yeah, hard not to notice that the Russians have left churches and a few historical buildings intact. Guess they view the rest as in need of an update.
This is more a war between the USA big banking corporations, that would lend the money for the rebuilding of Ukraine, the rebuilders and security corporations and Russia.
It also looks like NATO is done and dusted.
@robert elkins
I was about to say that Russia has joined forces with China and stolen all the West's allies. But they didn't steal them. Joe gave them to Russia and China.
Biden has brought NATO to the brink of collapse and the world to the brink of nuclear war. No, it isn't all of Europe that are fighting Russia, some are abstaining as best they can. Germany is resistant and also a major player in keeping NATO afloat. France is moving away from the US as an ally and another major player in NATO. If Germany and France leave NATO and they may, NATO is finished. Some of the remaining parties are playing both sides, most notably Turkey (with or without the additional e).

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Actually no, the Germans were the good guys in ww2.
@McCord Rick
No argument.  Every problem in the world today is caused by the people Germany fought against.
@Just a bird with Internet access
Germany fought a war against international capitalism and degenerate social liberalism.  The two main problems the world faces today.  That's how.

Rue Legendre, Anita L, and MS #conspiracy #wingnut #moonbat msn.com

(Rue Legendre)
Think again, pumpkin. His SMO was to protect the Russian-aligned people of the eastern republics who have been brutalized for years by neo-fascists in Ukraine, which he never wanted all of. This little so-and-so should have ignored the buffoon Boris Johnson and negotiated for peace in 2022 instead of prolonging the war.
(Anita L)
Who cares? We shouldn't be in the middle of this. If one tyrannical dictator wants to wage war on another tyrannical dictator let them have at it. Neither Puttin or Zelenskyy are worth a damn.
(M S)
Ukraine violated ceasefires for 8 damned years, they recruited Nazis to carry out war crimes, enough already. They deserve to lose, and are losing.

Ronnie m #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon msn.com

like Russia Ukraine and Russia are the same people, Taiwan and China same both had what agreement, Ukraine Government sold there people out to Nato, then Taiwan .. this all it over Nato a gang and Biden sold us into it. that all this is,, Nato wanted are fire power, it a shame either way , Nuke's will fly because Nato and Biden mostly. if Biden don't stop put gas on the fire, Biden want to control chips, and kill Russia out, where that laptop! Biden said was Russia doing, lol

Alberti #racist yahoo.com

But yet you guys do have much lower IQs according to many studies, grades and scores. and have never had a great civilization or done much of importance . Name one city, neighborhood or country that is all black and great and safe