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Of course, you certainly aren’t allowed to say or portray any homosexuals in a bad light in Western Civilization anymore (truth not allowed).

No Christian thinking allowed!!!! No Christian worldview allowed, although it is what made Europe great and their later adoption of “God is Dead” delivered the reign of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pot, Mussolini, etc....100,000,000 murdered, but that’s ok with “let’s try man’s standard of right and wrong again, [Jerry] Brown”...

America the most perfect and free government in history based on the idea of Just Law and Supra Positive Law and Brown thinks he is more intelligent than the Founding Fathers genius combined?????? and his is the highest law of the he claiming himself “god”?

God’s standard of Right and Wrong is the Rule of Law—Just Law—in AMERICAN legal system up until Legal Positivism and the Progressive/Socialists twisted the meaning and intent of the Constitution with Holmsian (non) logic....and the start of this Rule of Man instead of the Rule of Law.

—the Bible is now hate speech (No first Amendment for Christian children in public schools NONE!!!!!.....Forced agenda in public schools to indoctrinate young children into thinking the unnatural is “natural”...up is down—so they will believe any lies the Marxists God views—cuz you have NO natural rights cuz that comes from God.

By Jerry—teach little kids all about sodomy so they think it’s cool and not icky and try it—monkey see, monkey do— Brown.

BTW, how many children did Jerry raise? and does he even have any genetic interest in the future—any grandchildren? Shouldn’t men with only an interest in here and now, not be allowed to be a politician which affects the future of civilization? Maybe there should be laws against people holding office who don’t take part in raising children since they don’t understand how their stupid laws and regulations will affect the thinking of children.....such a profound power for people who can’t understand the consequence of their actions.

Genetic ties give a person an interest in leaving a better country for posterity-—but not if you have no children or ties to “family” ==what the Marxists are trying to deliberately destroy—the support system needed to defy government totalitarianism. They want power and to dictate what little johnny is allowed to think....yes, sodomy is what they want to put into his mind so they can create a playground for themselves with the children. (Pink Swastika)and Marcuse. Evil is afoot again....guess it always has been—it just has total control of government now.



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