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There are two dimensions or levels upon which we fight our war of survival, one is of course the material plane out on the streets where we live our day to day lives, but the other is the spiritual plane which is not without but is within…us!

Since the end of WW2 our spiritual energies and integrity have been gradually whittled away in order to make us more pliable and more accepting of our ongoing destruction on the material plane. If they can erode that which is inside of us, our moral fibre, our race consciousness, our connection with the land and our ancestors, then the material outside war raging about us is easier for our enemies to continue.

The powers that be (our enemies) have the Christian Church bought and sold and on side, the Political ‘choice’ system we already know is no choice at all, whilst we drift into a virtual plugged in wonderland of Porn, Drink, Drugs and Race Mixing the last thing they want is for us to rediscover a spiritual dimension to our race survival. This is something which they do not and cannot control!

Therefore, our ancient racial Gods are very important, as has already been said, they themselves are not going to save the day in a flash of lightening and clap of thunder, but if they are within us, they give us the spiritual strength to resist the machinations of the architects of the decaying world around us and the spiritual strength to fight on in the material plane.

Do we need our ancient Germanic Gods? Yes we do!
Do we need more Odinists/Wodenists and Heathens? Absolutely!



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