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There is the endlessly quoted "no man knows" (in regard to the time of the coming of Jesus or God back to earth) quote from the Bible... but that is NOT accurate, as many other times, the Bible also spells out an EXACT time, that is , 3 1/2 years after you see "an abomination on the Temple" (God will come then on that date 3 1/2 years later after that abomination on the temple ) and when the Romans killed a pig in the holy of holies back ab 2000 years ago, everyone thought that is it ... and so there is then that ongoing interpretation of what of abomination on the temple is, or would be - and there is also a need for a more exact translation, the words are not 'on the temple' but on "one wing of the temple" ... and throughout the bible there is this clear distincition also, that God's temple is NOT that actual temple on the temple mount in Jerusalem (and with most saying (and not understanding) the time of God's return cant be anytime soon as that temple has NOT YET BEEN rebuilt, but read on)... God's REAL TEMPLE is and always has been "the people" and so now with that new understnading, forearmed, YOU NOW can, YOURSELF, with no aid from Campiing et al calculate easily 3 1/2 years from that date when you see some monstrous abomination "on one wing of the temple" or ON God's people - and one wing is the Jewish people and another Wing are the rest of the people (non Israeli's or gentiles) ... and in that regard, also there is ANOTHER 3 1/2 year matching time period, that the Bible says the AC /. the antichrist ONLY rules for 3 1/2 years, and then God comes and the AC ruling one wing of the temple WOULD BE an abomination over / on that wing of the temple ... so matching those two together you see that when the AC is there in front of you ruling the People (one wing of the people) then calculate 3 1/2 years and God will come ... (footnote- in Bible calculations, pro's agree that years are 12 months of 30 days, not years of 365 days and so that small adjustment is used also) ... (do any of you realize, there in front of you, is a candidate for AC ?? or person, who can only be said to be ruler of the earth as the AC is predicted to be... (with former USSR disentigrated), what else or other power is left that can be said to be the ruler of the earth and is there any leader of that area that is a candiate that has had a sudden miraculous rise to rule ??? figure it out ... and calculate the 3 1/2 years ...

additionally, most all pros clearly feel the Bible is clear, that after God comes he rules in peace for 1,000 years and ONLY then is there afterwards at the end of that time, Armageddon with AC/Satan rising to battle again and ONLY then at that end after 1,000 years, is there a "renewal" of the earth ... or end lil hiram widazson



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