Anonymous Coward #fundie

I think nothing will happen, neither by government or by everyday people.

Look at France, they actually had a candidate who said she would do something - they still didnt vote for her.

More and more people will blown up, as the more Muslims that live anywhere the greater % of terrorists amongst them.

Those who can see the problem and were up for doing something will leave the worst areas. Those who stay might as well convert to Islam, as they would rather their own family die than offend a Muslim.

This has all been part of a carefully executed plan throughout Europe. I think it is too late to do anything, as part of the plan includes brainwashing the next generation to accept and put other cultures before their own. - Look at the young vote on Brexit.

Only a small % of us are aware of the plan, a huge % of us would reject the idea there even was a plan, and just continue with their selfish brainless lives.


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