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#RUSSIAGATE - A message from Father God for Sunday May 21, 2017

I am avenging the death of Seth Rich. Sure it is easy enough for my scribe to say that I have this announcement to make. The clues are there for all to see with the reemergence of news on the investigation into Seth’s Death.

I am here to tell you what to research to find out the truth about the so-called meddling in the Election by Russia. Go back and find out that the false claim by the IT company called CrowdStrike is rife with inconsistencies. Recall that Podesta’s emails were discovered by a simple phishing expedition on his easy to guess p@assword.

All in all, it is very easy to unravel the entire Russia Hacking Narrative. The next question is will Mueller find any collusion between Russia and Trump and his team? My answer is an emphatic NO, because there is none.

In the meantime what exactly has happened to the American Mainstream media and Democratic Party? Have they not been exposed for their lies? What you are witnessing is a full blown crisis in America. How will you recover from the dismantling of the Left? The Deep State also is being exposed. This conglomerate will not go down without a fight, and you all are in the middle of this battle.

It is your minds and wills that are the focus of the enemy’s attacks. If you stop believing their lies, then how will they steer your wills to their desired ends? Therefore, you are obliged to take and make a stand, and one for the truth at all times.

Do you believe in prayer to Me? If not yet, then now it is time to start. You must ask Me to help you and your country and duly elected President. The whole world is at stake because the United States leads the world. The world is watching and as the control mechanisms fail in America, they will also fall apart in other nations, especially in Europe.

You must realize that it is not just a matter of cheering a victory over the Deep State. They control everything. When they fall, everything also falls. How do you pick up the pieces? You cannot without My Divine Intervention. If you pray then I will move on people and leaders to help restore your Constitutional Republic.

If you think that you cannot keep up with the news and events now, then you had better start your day with Me first. I can guide you in your thoughts and actions so that you continuously receive My Favor and blessings. You will always find yourself in the right place at the right time. Your family and loved ones will be provided for and protected.

I repeat that it is your minds and your free will choices that are at stake here. As your enemies destroy themselves they will create much chaos. You run a great risk of being confused. You will be confronted with other Americans that are confused and may even become violent. Therefore it is crucial that you are living within My Will for your life.

Cry out to Me. Humble yourself. Do not try to stand in the Pride of your own intellect. Do not depend on your sources. I Am your only Source. I will reveal the truth to you and guide your life from now on until the end. The World System is run by Satan and his time is rapidly running out. You know that you are living in the end times and that all My prophecies are coming to pass. Believe. Have faith. If you have trouble with your faith, then ask Me for the Faith of Christ and I will strengthen your faith.

I love you all deeply, both saved and unsaved. I am only a call away at all times. I respond faster than even a cell phone. I am with you always, even unto the end of this age.




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