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lets not kid ourselves. the best looking pussy is 14-22 depending on how hard she hit puberty. tits dont magically appear when she turns 18. pedophiles like girls who are PRE-pubescent, that term is just used to shame you for having a hot 19 year old girl. just-developed (or in the process) is the biological prime. the whole 18 thing is government sanctioned prime based on how long it takes to finish school in the United States, to keep girls from getting pregnant while she still in high school (outdated laws from pre-birthcontrol times). old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. bonus points if she dresses provocatively or posts suggestive selfies, means she is fully aware and knows what to do with it. ironically, here in the US the high school stock is fitter and tighter cos we have a thriving athletic culture. but by the time they go to college they are left to their own devices, eat like crap, and no longer active. get her while she's ripe and she'll stay fresh for that much longer. unless you have a fit bunny or a very petite slow grower, you will see early signs of the wall as early as 21. for short term enjoyment, fuck the youngest girls your country or state allows. however, keep in mind that that the younger she blooms, the sooner and harder she hits the wall. big tits at 13 lead to big thighs/arms at 17, to big belly at 22, to big face and used meat by 25. plus an entitled attitude, as she spent her formative years being "the hot one" who got all the attention. a wise long-term investment is to find the youngest legal girl who was an "ugly duckling" but became hot.



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