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What an inane hoax it is, this claim of a real shooting in Fresno, California, where, purportedly, 3 to 4 people were shot dead. The hoaxers are there in force, including the men with the long guns, along with, also, ambulances in places which make no sense, just as in all the other fakes and arch-frauds:

Despite the rapid-fire nature of the (fake) shooting, no matter, the ATF is on the scene, and there is plenty of bottled water about to prevent the only real danger on-site, that of dehydration:

Incredibly, it is said that the man actually went on a shooting spree in some four places, and that all the firing occurred in merely a few minutes or less, an impossible feat. All these shooting sprees, regardless, are fakes and arch-scams.

Yet, it is said that the above represents “Sites of four fatal shootings by suspect Kori Ali Muhammad.”

The Super-Human (fake) shooter strikes, again. It’s always the same, no change. There is no way this individual could have achieved all that shooting in such a short period of time. Then, again, while doing so, he had plenty of time to should Arabic epithets, including the infamous ‘Ali-Akbar,’ to quote the pronunciation of the police chief.

What about when he was arrested? Does this look like a legitimate arrest scene, the known thugs of Fresno, that is known for committing police brutality: really, they are going to arrest the shooter, standing up like this? No one finds this plausible. It’s just one cop, while the other directs traffic?



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