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This is disgusting. My opinion is not popular but I personaly do not think ANY homosexual man or lesbian or transgendered crossdresser should be given a teaching job or ANY job in a school or anywhere else around children. Some of us cannot afford to home school or send our kids to Christian schools even though home schooling is something I personaly would dearly love to do with my daughter. A long time ago stuff like this would never have been an issue in even a public school. Teachers that were suspected of being gay or lesbian were fired, or never hired to begin with! And crossdressers? No way would that EVER have been even remotly considered. Now it seems like they actually WANT gay and lesbian teachers? And for what purpose? To be politically correct. That's it. There are plenty of upstanding straight teachers who could do the job just as well, probably better, who can't even get hired. We need to go back to the days when school districts would never even consider hiring someone who made the choice to be a homosexual or a transgender, and those who were allowed to get in were so deep in the closet no one would even suspect because they knew better than to prance around with their "partners" in public like they were in a perfectly normal relationship with no shame at all. Our kids look up to their teachers and teachers have tons of influence on kids. Who in their right mind would want that kind of influence around their kids? What happend to the days when this would never have even been considered?



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