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What an arch-Zionist collaborator he is, Donald ‘Bankruptcy’ Trump, fully collaborating with all the key Zionist agents known. Trump is beholden to the Zionists and is their proxy agent, make no mistake about it. Those who think otherwise have been fooled. He is merely a terminally rabid arch-Zionist agent, just like all the others: just like Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders, and more.

Yet, it is said by some that one is better than the other, that, somehow, it would be better to have Mr. Trump than known hard-core Zionists such as Clinton and Cruz. It’s irrelevant. It’s all a stage, fully run and controlled by powerful pro-Israeli power-brokers.

Trump even appeared on the Alex Jones show to supposedly justify his Islamophobic remarks. Here, both these Zionist agents joined together, blaming the Muslims for acts committed solely by the Zionists. .

In fact, what more proof is need of his role as a Zionist agent than that? The entire world knows that it was the Israelis who were doing the celebrating, no others. Then, in what is nothing other than a fulminate lie Trump comes forward, aggressively and inanely blaming the Muslims, supported by that other arch-Zionist agent, Alex Jones? Who, then, does he work for other than rabid, extremist Zionist Jews?

Even so, did this treacherous one even speak an iota of truth of what happened on 9-11? Did he say even a word about the Israeli hand, not mere Israeli involvement but, rather, the role of these criminal elements of debauchery are raw butchery? What of the people who were forced to their deaths, falling to be crushed into the pavement and all the others, wounded with crush injuries and also lacerations from falling glass? Like the criminal elements of real-life murder investigations, Trump commits what is essentially a crime, attempting to disguise the culprits, the actual murderers and property destroyers in this case, by casting aspersions against the innocent.

It was Netanyahu and his Mossad goons who were responsible for the carnage as well as the vast destruction. It was strictly Zionist agents, mere so-called IDF demolition experts, who did the filming and celebrating. The Muslims had nothing to do with it.



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