YOYOYO meneayem #sexist youtube.com

First of all women have been given the same rights as men in modern society. But the problem is they can't handle responsibility. When something doesn't go right women blame the patriarchy. But it was men that gave the vote to you. You'll never accept that women are inferiour. If we gave planet earth to women and all men left to mars or colonised some planet in the future, the would probably go back to stone age. I'm not joking. Where are all the scientist women?? If you continue this disrespect of man's achievements you only strengthen our arguments for why we need to make women obsolete using technology. (ie automation)?

It's illegal for women to abort without PERMISSION from the FATHER where I live :). I love how you think getting pregnant means women invented physics LOL, btw you carry the baby but the DNA is half of the man's who impregnates the woman. So nice fucking try. I bet you think men should have to pay for half of the abortion when you think it's all the woman's choice and body? Do you have any capacity to understand philosophy or is that part of your brain taken up by shoes and makeup??



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