The Whip #racist

Who could forget. I had several Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian, Laotian friends back when they came into the states. FOBs as they were called, not a very nice name. We grew up together and even ate at each others dinner tables with the entire family of umpteen generations. The kids my age all eventually grew up and did very well for the most part despite coming directly from severe poverty to a strange new home with round eye and his different rules, zero education, 15 years old and in the 6th grade kind of shit, english as a second language, from horrible tales of torture and war torn lands that was all not by choice. Forced to fight or family is killed and worse kind of stuff that only exists in nightmares.

Niggers on the other hand are pieces of shit by choice. They have been given every opportunity, grants, school lunches, racial quotas, etc. Lived relatively sheltered lives aside from exposure to each other and are still wailing about ancestral slabery as if it happened to them today, demanding reparations and succeeding at nothing short of failure. They revolt against us for no reason then accuse of being racist when they don't get their way. And beat the shit out of each other, their pickaninnies when they aren't just out right killing each other. Something we don't do.

I could go on. I'm sure anyone here could too. But this is why I hate niggers. They are whiners, babies, accusers, bullies, extortionists, thugs and everyone has been through hard shit but niggers demand attention for it and flunk at life. Well niggers, here's the kind of attention you get from me.



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