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These nasty liars & SLANDER MONGERS known as atheists must be admitted in mad-dogs hospitals for electric shock-therapy to fix loose nuts & bolts of their evil brains. These barking mad dogs are void of Wisdom & stick their whole life just with material & physical tangibility & do not see on other real directions; whether in fact Material is temp and transitional & has at the end no value.

These slander monger barking dumb deaf & blind dogs are shame for humanity and burden on this planet

What I say u here is not tht u go to ur Priest, Mulla or a clergyman to realize tht there is GOD & another real life aft this life, but I say u to read the most advncd, the most scholarly, the best scientific research & evidence tht shows you irefutable scientific evidence abt the existence of "Creator of this universe" & a very real life aft this life. Search a book in ur local library "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody. This evidence burns the roots of devil's cult called Atheism



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