Mad_manlet, OrangeFex2311, justforlulzandkeks, and FAloner #fundie

(Mad_manlet); It took me so long to realize, but chad = god.

Chads decide who reproduces with who. Chads decide the flow of humanity Chads decide who deserves happiness and who deserves the rope. Chads decide what technological,industrial,medical,social, and spacial advancements get made. Chads decide who lives or who dies.

Next time you see a 6' + male with hooded eyes, robust nose, square jaw, full lips, full framed , small hips, and a full head of hair, realize that this is the god all religions speak of. The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being who watches over all humans.

(justforlulzandkeks); All Chads today are descendants of the Seven Primordial Chads, progenitors of all genetically superior males, carrying superior bloodlines and the first men on earth, created by God himself to spread divinie seed and multiply the human race.

(OrangeFez2311): This is literally true. God, in almost all religions, is portrayed as a Chad: tall, muscular, thick and billowing hair, intense and predatory hunter eyes, strong jaw, large hands.

(FAloner): Yup. Chads are the rulers of the world.



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