Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

MEGA doom!!! CERN has been on since march and achieved full power March 23 !! Solar Flares to destroy Magnetosphere April 1-2.!

Unsurprisingly, you've been lied to about the schedule for CERN's experiments.

First they said the beginning of March 2015. Then it was the 15th , then the 23. Then they said the 25.

Yesterday, the 24th the magnetic forces of CERN disrupted Germanwings A320 electronics causing it to descend for 8 minutes and crash without a cell phone call! Everyone's phones were disabled from the magnetic forces.

Why are there magnetic forces coming out of CERN?

Because CERN has been running since the beginning of March!!!

Soon after the plane crashed they had to come out and say CERN "short circuited". Something doesn't short circuit unless it is on or being powered on.

It's been on probably since the beginning of March and still on now. As well as the smaller regional colliders in places such as New york. The ringing in your ears is from the Colliders.

Recently, they conducted ALICEs experiments at full power in Large Hadron Collider.

The result : X-Class solar flare mayhem next week smash the magnetosphere! The solar flares through a plasma transfer will break the bonds of fallen angels/demons allowing them to fully manifest in our world.

Get ready for huge earthquake, smashing of the magnetosphere three days darkness and the appearance of Demons. The seals of Revelation will break. Only turning to Jesus will save you.



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