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Pressure Cooker Bombing in Chelsea New York City is a Ridiculous Hoax, Totally Fake

In what is merely another movie set, fully staged, now comes the arch-fake pressure cooker bombing in New York City. Right away, the hoaxers responsible for this scam leveraged the Boston Marathon smoke bombing, touting it, too, as if it was real.

There was nothing real about it. The purported bombers weren’t even there. They were PhotoShopped in to make it appear real:

Anyone clearly see the blur tool lines on their faces, and in both cases they were made to appear demonic, as if in the case of the image on the left they were gloating at the plot to murder innocents. Both images were installed into the background through PhotoShop. This is true of all images placing the Tsarnaev brothers there. They are all actors, including the parents and surely all of the fake wounded.

Now comes New York City. It’s the same as the Boston event was mere smoke and mirrors so it is true of this fake with purportedly some 29 wounded. See the arch-fake pyrotechnic smoke bomb, here:

It was pyrotechnic device that was set off in New York, just as in the Boston image above, not a real deadly, devastating bomb. A pressure cooker bomb would have sent shrapnel flying and would have caused a multitude of severe injuries. In a major way windows would have been blown out. No such damage is seen, and no such injuries are seen anywhere.

There are claims of such injuries. Yet, the imagery fully violates such claims, including the various live videos.

In above screen-shot from the DailyMail video it can be seen that this groaning, (fake) agonizing woman is merely an actor. See what happens. Watch it carefully. It can be seen that she responds to commands; in fact, she jumped up and took her bags away, with full function of her arms and body, as soon as the actor cop says to clear the street.

Both these people are faking it. How could the woman get an eye injury with her glasses on? Why is she posing for the photo? Regarding the image, right screen, how is that a shrapnel injury? That shrapnel would have torn that arm apart. That’s a fake, mere Hollywood-style moulage with moulage fake blood painted on. It’s clearly staged. Where are all the people supposedly wounded by flying metal and also as a result of fire and blast? No one suffered any burns. There is no evidence of even the slightest actual laceration, blast wound, burn, or puncture injury.



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