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(On an article about CCP banning it's members from celebrating Christmas to "resist Western cultural invasion")

(Carl La Fong)
Isn't it amazing how much liberals have in common with communists and radical Islam?

For a second I thought the headline said San Fran and not China.... and neither would have surprised me....

(Normy Friendly Pepe)
That's because the Democrats are a party of filthy Bolsheviks who align themselves with anything that undermines Western Civilization because they hate Christianity, Western culture, and it's people.

The left has done nothing but rape the West and redistribute it's wealth to the rest of the world for the past 70 years, but that's not enough! Now they're coming for everything. They are intentionally destroying the Christian West through mass immigration.

Precisely, one of Marx's key principles is to weaken religion as a bonding force in society as well as the family, how else to destroy a system in order to rebuild it. Truly evil people.

(Jay Blanka)
Obama the muslim said happy holidays. President Trump says MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Obama wasn't a Muslim or Jewish.. he was/is a globalist homosexual puppet.

He was absolutely a Muslim - billions to Iran, plus a deal to let them make an atomic bomb, pres of the US during the Uranium One deal, bows to Muslim leaders, treated Israel with comtempt & hostility, etc, etc. He claimed not to be a Muslim, but actions speak louder than words. I agree he was a globalist.



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