Jerry #fundie

FundieVision Inc.: Sorry Jerry, I used to be a saved God fearing Christian who believed in The Rapture, Hell, and all the good stuff. I left xtianity behind at sixteen for damned good reasons. So I want no part of Jeebus the Jewish Zombie and his nutjob psychopathic manchild of a father.

Jerry: FundieVision:

Can I tell you a little secret? I think I will anyway. You were NEVER a Christian. You were NEVER Saved. How do I know that? Because there is no such thing as ex-Christian! You cannot un-believe something, and you certainly cannot un-believe Jesus. 1 John 2:19 In Christianity, we call it the doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints.

You can also think of it this way: say you never seen an airplane, then you had to fly somewhere and you were on one, would you ever then claim that airplanes don't exist? Would ever say to someone that you "used to believe in airplanes, but not any more"? Just the same a Christian can NEVER become an ex-Christian.

You are depraved, sick, and filthy, and Jesus hates you. (Ps. 5:5, Rom. 1) But I have good news for you: it doesn't have to be this way! Even someone like you may be forgiven and Saved from all the filth, sickness, and depravity. All you got to do is believe in the true Jesus of the Christian Bible (not in the Catholic Jesus or the Mormon Jesus or any other false Jesus), repent of your sins, and ask Him into your heart and into your life, so that there is no sin, filth, or despair any more. Turn or burn, the choice is yours, and you alone are to blame for the consequences.

In the name of the Lord,



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