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(comments on an article about microagressions against blacks)

john witt: The whole concept of "micro aggressions" is a just another tool liberals use to make "whitey" look bad

Smooth Operator: Its small potatoes compared to the highly aggravating macroaggressions too many black people do to me every day. Beginning with assuming I'm a racist because of the color of my skin and not the content of my character.

Brad Carroll: Acting fearful around Blacks is often based on self preservation, in fact, I know blacks who have told me they do the same thing when young thugs show up!

nancy harris: How about the reverse microaggressions that blacks do against white people? Number one - assuming that every white person is racist. 99% of every one, irregardless of skin color, doesn't care about the skin color of everyone else.

gueast Marks: Was it microaggressions when white students had MANDATORY assemblies to listen to revolutionary "poets" wax on about killing and burning honkie? That was my experience of 1969.

muddy waters: How about the micro aggressions that are fostered on white people, such as "white privilege", the straightening of hair appropriating the white culture, giving people jobs because of color, just for starters.

John E: Its not our fault they never discovered the wheel or a written language. But they are fundamentally incapable of even conceiving of the notion that their failures are not our fault.

elvis elvis: So basically, 24 hours per day, all day, every day, everyone is constantly, non-stop performing microaggressions against this particular group. No defense from the charge, if one breathes, one is guilty, and only the "aggrieved" get to determine guilt, identify offensive acts, and demand justice.
What total nonsense. Whatever happened to "shake it off"?

A.H. A normal person would need AI to not say this list of micro-aggressions. Micro-aggressions are a strategy by progressives to control the narrative. I don't accept that systemic racism still exists in the US. Sure, there are still haters out there, but many groups have experienced that and it's not limited to black people. The focus should be on getting rid of all hate. Progressives have chosen groups to be privileged and groups not to be privileged. This is divisive and creates more ill-will.



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