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[W]hen I was working on my Masters Degree, I did an internship at a program for Perpetrators of violent crimes. I learned a great deal about the early childhood years and the effect it has/had on them as children.

Some of the stories I heard were heartbreaking; but ONLY a very small amount of people actually scared me. These people (the vile Muslims)…let me re-phrase that. These “things” have long ago lost their mortal souls. They are walking around in skin with blood flowing through their veins; but they are NOT human beings with a soul like we think of that is redeemable. They have gone too far towards evil and now manifest it to the entire world…as we have all seen.

Out all the stores heard while in the group sessions, there was only one man that actually scared the other men. He was kin to a rabid animal just like this population is.

I’ve never been big on talking about my spiritual beliefs on sites…it causes problems. I do know this…there IS such a thing as evil. There ARE things walking around that eat, sleep and take oxygen into their lungs… that are no longer human. We are seeing them, reading about them; listening to their rants and shrieks daily online and/or in Video(s).



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