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Our wicked leaders colonized our Christian nations with Muslims who have a demonic hate for all non-Muslims but especially non-Muslim white women and children.

The wonderful victory that Britain and her allies won in the Second World War has been smashed, destroyed and spat on by British and European leaders.

Mohammed Wazza Paedophile #fundie barenakedislam.com

Hardly a day goes by when you don’t read about more insane Lefturd stupidity coming out of Sweden. THe Green slime, Mona Sahlin is a prime example of insane stupidity. Perhaps she would enjoy being gang-banged by muzzturds from a dozen different moslem shit-holes & all named Mohammed? All in the interests of diversity & community cohesion of course!

Swedenstan is at the precipice of turning completely into an Islamic state & these Lefturd fucktards are too insanely stupid to see the end game. Following each other like lemmings to their own self-destruction.

The Swedes have one last chance to try & turn the ship around with their elections in September. Miss this opportunity & the Ship of State shall be called the Titanic. And we all know what happened there…

Linda Rivera #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

I’m very sad to say that HM pro-Islam, pro-Sharia, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-God British government is determined to utterly DESTROY the legitimate, patriotic, political party, Britain First. Not only have they imprisoned Britain First leaders, Jayda and Paul, for many months for protesting Muslim gang rapes, tortures and sexual enslavement of Britain’s little non-Muslim white girls, but their Facebook page has been almost wiped out. It now shows only 9 likes. I was able to make two comments and the comments after that wouldn’t go through.

All their articles are gone. BF updated their website address. When you click on it, you can’t get it. This is EXTREMELY HEARTBREAKING. What is wrong with the indigenous British people? Why must they be so passive? They’re so indoctrinated. I’m native English. The entire nation of native Brits should be taking to the streets in MASSIVE daily protests. Egypt’s Muslims took to the streets in the mega millions to protest the takeover of their country by the Muslim Brotherhood. The protesters WON.

I know someone in Britain who knows about the extreme danger of Islam. Her daughter who is about 40 yrs-old says her mum is a crackpot!!! She has been successfully brainwashed. She, and mega millions like her, have no idea of the horrors that lie ahead. How can anyone from other countries help Britain, when native Brits won’t help themselves? Please God, Get Jayda and Paul free and help Britain First! Thank You, God! Amen.

I clicked on Britain First FB page right now. It says, “This page isn’t available”. So SAD. George Washington warned: “”If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” Is the British Government preparing gulags for non-Muslims?

Linda Rivera #fundie barenakedislam.com

White Supremacy??? Your DIRTY LIARS!!! No one on earth is more supremacist than Muslims!

White Supremacy??? It’s Cruel, Supremacist Muslims who seize non-Muslims for Slaves and Sex Slaves.

The EVIL, INHUMANITY and enormous suffering of slavery has been a HUGE part of savage, barbaric Islam for 1,400 years.

Linda Rivera #fundie barenakedislam.com

That is NOT a small house!!!

About a year ago a native German told BNI that she lost her job and became homeless and was forced to live on the street with her children — the EVIL German government wouldn’t help the family because they weren’t Muslims.

Our anti-Christ, God hater leaders are RUTHLESS and CRUEL to white European Jews and Christians.

EVERYTHING is given to Muslims who never worked; are hostile to native Europeans and have zero loyalty to our people and nations.

Hardworking Italian taxpayers who lost their jobs and became homeless along with their children and babies are regarded as WORTHLESS without any rights. God help them!

DonT #fundie barenakedislam.com

Progressives will NEVER have the “high moral ground” for the simple reason they are utterly lacking in morality. They are, almost without exception, unprincipled Dumb Sh***s with an insane NWO agenda that mandates the destruction of everything that is good and decent in society. Their Utopian future is all about chaos and hatefulness, and the complete submission by remaining Humanity to self-styled elites lording it over them. . ..

For mankind ( NOT peoplekind, Trudeau ) to survive, all ‘progressives’ must be neutralized. There is NOTHING to debate with them — just remove them from civilized society!

Christine t #fundie barenakedislam.com

Fat rse Merkel is working hard to keep her snout in the trough, the slapper now acknowledges there are no go zones in Germany and something needs to be done about them. First three things she can do is apologise to Trump and the Germans then resign for being the beatch responsible for creating them. After that they can just send in the army to round em up for deportation. Send them to Yemen

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Facilitators of izslime are among the most stupid and the most evil people on the planet. Whoever is assisting the vile creatures in this endeavor need to be on a list, they are promoting izslime over our own constitution which will hasten the destruction of our whole way of life, and that is TREASON!!!!

Treason is still one of the most heinous crimes a person can commit and there are literally many thousand of FOOLS doing so every day. Some do so out of ignorance some very knowingly and purposefully.

Victor #fundie barenakedislam.com

(He's talking about Islam, and as usual for the idiots at BNI gets it completely wrong)

MY feelings EXACTLY! It is a matter of self-preservation, in my opinion. This dark, sinister principality kills human beings with more depravity and sadism than any horror movie director could imagine! It is a terrifying, direct threat to Humanity and erodes the spirits of the remaining pure, decent and righteous people on Earth. Its complete disregard for ALL LIFE must be stopped lest more and more innocent blood be shed. It lusts for the blood of innocents.

Notice now how the MSM is flooding us with commercials about the “poor, persecuted” Rohinga from Burma/Myanmar. What they forget to tell us is that their plight is a direct result of the rapes, be headings, and burning they committed against the majority Buddhist population. Buddhists are among the most non-violent people on this Earth. It takes an awful lot to make Buddhists resort to violence!!!

Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the Earth, but it sure appears that the opposite is true, unless He plans on coming down here to save us from the Evil that I believe and can only conclude is the true face of Islam.

BigFek #fundie barenakedislam.com

At the rate the illegal mudslime invaders are traversing the Adriatic and landing in Italy it won’t be long before the blood of Christians will be spayed up the inside walls of the Colosseum.

The imagination does not need to run wild to picture in the near future, Christians being sacrificed en masse in front of a baying islamic crowd who are chowing down on halal shacks between beheadings.

By the way I think those two churches in Mosul and Aleppo had already been “lit up”…

SUSAN WARNER #fundie barenakedislam.com

Fantastic. Id love to see this being shown across the UK.Kids need to learn, as early as possible, that Islam is against them.

Just as young muzrat kids are being taught to hate the dirty kafir & the western way of life that they take so much advantage of.

Our kids need to be wise at a young age now.

Mad Dad #fundie barenakedislam.com

It’s hard to believe that countries even tolerate the presense of a practicing Muslim or a mosquito barracks. We and especially our children will pay with our liberty and lives for our willful ignorance. Look around everyone. We are ALL living in occupied countries. Churchill is our hero? We have no excuses.

The pope-head creature is an abomination. The Devil incarnate as far as I am concerned. I am now an xcatholic. Who the hell needs a doctrine like that with Muslim death mobs everywhere. Mad mad mad.

mahal2 #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

Here in the once free country of Germany Merkel and her Gestapo have taken control of all free speech, any criticism of islam, muzzies, or arab’s can find you having merkels secret police visiting your home and taking you away. People are talking in private in our homes and we are going to get rid of this trader of the German people. Merkel’s muzzies are the reason for anti semitic crimes, it wasn’t even bad before she let the hordes into the country, we aren’t fooled about where the blame lies on.

Ordinary Fella #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

Anders Brevik was the first to take action against those who would flood his country with muslim killers and rapists. He took the fight directly to the politicians when he attacked and killed their own.. It was a case of “you throw us to the wolves, we return the favour by knocking on your doors”..Sadly, it will take extreme action to counter the extreme circumstances that are being forced on us all by the political elites, who use “Political Correctness” and “Progressiveness” to justify their shameful activities against the people…

The Leftist media will always throw the “Far Right” label into the mix as it suits their agenda to demonize anyone who goes against their narrative when it comes to Islam and muslims.. You need to read all about the “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” to get a perspective on what is truly happening in the world today, and especially Europe…. Tell everyone who will listen and spread the word. There are plenty of links to be found, so use the tools that are readily available and get yourself educated…. I include one here for your perusal…

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Izslime can’t produce anything but death. It’s cant feed it’s own pitiful subjects, it cannot produce anything that advances civilization, and it has nothing in that makes it attractive to the longing soul.

All izslime has is murder subterfuge cohersion and terror, to control the miserable creatures trapped in it.

Of course no muzslime nation wants more muzslime they already know they can’t care for their own even without massive help from Western nations, so just send the hoards there and let them become invasion jihadists.

Etti #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

Muslims in the police force? All part of the plan to make Muslim states within a state. In the U.K Muslims have said that they are told by Muz police not to report their concerns to the authorities, but to go to Muslim police officers who will sort everything out.

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

While we are at it is there even one positive reason to be in or even have a U.N. The stupid thing was originally established to eventually create a one world government. We certain do not need the filthy thing in America. Get rid of u n and all it’s stupid special interest groups automatically disappear with it, can’t get much better than THAT.

Linda Rivera #fundie barenakedislam.com

Quran (8:12) “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them…

It’s a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY — AGAINST JEWS, to give one penny, pound, euro or shekel to BARBARIC MUSLIM MONSTERS

The SATANIC MUSLIM FIENDS Greatest Goal in life is to Slaughter Jewish innocents — Quran (2:191-193) “And kill them wherever you find them…

And it’s a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY to allow any Muslims into non-Muslim countries! — Quran (3:151) “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers…


Etti #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

Muslims being made scapegoats? Well there’s a surprise.

When people barge into a country, tell lies, set up terrorist training camps, worm their way into the government, airports, laboratories, deliberately produce large numbers of babies, demand the best social housing and handouts and make it known in accordance with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategy Plan for the takeover of the West, that they intend to convert the country to a cruel, outdated ideology, quote “by force if necessary”, the non-Muslim victims might feel justified in airing a negative opinion about these people.

Most Westerners do not want the stoning of raped women, hand chopping, killing of gays, FGM and forced marriage of underage girls. Most Muslims, and I speak of the educated ones, do want this insanity to rule everyone’s lives. Add to this the obligatory squatting when defecating and using the hand or preferably stones to wipe the behind, and it becomes obvious why we do not welcome the Muslim invaders.

Jose Rivera #fundie barenakedislam.com

listen up all muz: when you stink, when you rape, behead, acid attack, sharia-stink up the world, it is not scapegoating,..it is the damn truth. YOU SUCK…and let me tell ya muz this: funny how there are WAY MORE hate crimes and harassment of Jews and yet you muz are the stinkers, the reptiles, the pieces of shit of the world…no one cares about you….

Andy #fundie barenakedislam.com

Get me a Quran immediately I have some hot pig fat I need to immerse it in! Just how much more of this vile Islamist shit are we expected to take? That is the question I would ask looking into the eyes of the Australian Prime Minister?

Eventually there will come a time when Islam and everything associated with it will be deemed dangerous and for reasons of health and safety will be prevented from entry and actively deported from our lands, Until that time we have to learn over and over again in the most repetitive and barbaric way how vile it is!.

Show me a Western country where the assassins of Mo-ham-head are not endlessly undermining our security!

Rock N. Road #fundie barenakedislam.com

Why we are so willfully ignorant of such a bloody threatening reality. Anywhere you find a Muslim you have a brainwashed less than human. These cowardly low lives tell us to our faces. Scream it at us.

Liars all there is one truth amid all the brainwashed insanity, “we are a cancer and we do what cancers do”. It seems only a matter of time before a Pakistani looney lets their stole nuke loose. If they do it will be a bit late. Stop ALL Muslim occupation now.

Etti #fundie barenakedislam.com

University students are supposed to be intelligent. Students who press for non-Muslims to bend the knee to the Muslim ideology and follow all the daft rules like wearing a rag on their head, are not thinking for themselves.

Not one Muslim in higher education ever questions the existence of Allah or the reason cruel punishments must be used in 2017. They willingly become robots parroting what ignorant old men tell them to believe.

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Filthy vile muzslime should not even exist in non muzslime countries much less feel like they have the RIGHT to speak out their horrid twisted “religion” There will be STRONG backlash and these mouthy nasty creatures will be wishing they had a place to HIDE. That day cannot come soon enough. Good true God fearing people will shove their ugly sharia up their ass. They had better start carrying very small korans.

Peterson #fundie barenakedislam.com

One of the points at the end is protection of private parts from Djin. This is true to some extend. I married a Muslim woman and the marriage was hell. The woman was tortured by spirits. When she goes to bathroom somebody stood outside to assist her if Djin attacked.

If thus was limited to her we could think that it could be some kind of delusion. But slowly slowly it started attacking me. In Islam you can not remain aloof. Powerful spirits will haunt you till the time you submit to Allah. They do so much in the physical plane where they could be caught. So you can guess how much more they would do on spiritual plane.

Jay Dillon #fundie barenakedislam.com

The next step is to give up all public areas to the enemy and shelter in place–at home–freezing to death–in the dark–as you wait for the chopper to come chop off your head.

The solution? Guard the borders, as you were supposed to be doing in the first place. Stop the “Open Borders” FIASCO, and start MASS DEPORTATIONS and MASS REPATRIATIONS, by FORCE.

Yes you heard me rightly >> USE YOUR (OUR) MILITARY AND POLICE FORCES to REMOVE THE RECENTLY IMMIGRATED MOSLEM ENEMY FROM ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES. Other immigrants may need to be removed as well, but the moslem enemy is the priority.

This will only need to be violent if you don’t show overwhelming superiority in military force from the beginning. That will convince the moslem enemy you are serious and will reduce the numbers of casualties in the long run.

The goal is not to destroy them or even to terrorize them, but simply to put them back into their Middle East lock-box where they should have been kept from the very beginning. It is they who think their religion is so wonderful. Let them go back where they came from, and cook in it.

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Good stuff John, absolutely there are ONLY two houses of izslime, either all izslime are continual war. Every muzslime on the planet is commanded to do Jihad (war) every day of their life until the whole earth is SUBDUED under sharia. WHY there are so many who do not or will not understand that is appalling and frankly deadly. If enough people cannot come to call ALL IZSLIME and ALL MUZSLIME a virulent virus, I’m guessing izslime will win.

Christine t #fundie barenakedislam.com

I for one will never accept Islime or muzrats and will happily do what I have to to retain my freedom. The Pope’s prediction doesnt worry me, the Vatican is imploding from within because of that nasty retarded plant occupying it.

i still see enough larger countries/people hating Islime plus the old skool bawst@rds like Soros and the fake Pope will soon be dead. Long term the scourge of Islam will be pushed back to its ME sh1tholes

Az gal #fundie barenakedislam.com

David: the battle with Islam is not on an ideological level. These people are brainwashed & programmed to kill. It is not something they can really choose, they face death if they leave this death cult, it is pure evil. Weapons are the only way for the non Muslims to protect themselves in Europe, and drive these savage Satan worshippers out!

Conrad Calvano #fundie barenakedislam.com

Well, France seems to be well on the path towards islamification! They are only going about it in a graded manner. 13 today, 9 tomorrow and soon after 6, the Islamic age of consent! The age of consumation, when the Pedophile violated baby Aisha is 9, and the vermin take great pride in extolling the superior abstention powers of their ‘Prophet’ who kept off his new bride for 3 long years!

liberalassistance #fundie barenakedislam.com

Ah, yes. Muslim virtues and inalienable rights. I’m not surprised at any grotesque crime perpetrated by muslims. I can read, and understand the meaning of the words without distortion. The quran is unambiguous. Islam is a morally repugnant ‘faith’, over and out. I am never surprised at the monstrous cupidity of of the political caste; it has been plain that these cavemen will gleefully napalm children and gnaw on the bones for a disturbingly small amount of cash.

I am shocked and outraged at the criminal stupidity of the citizens who enable these people. Where are the rioting lynch mobs? When are the morons going to realize that it does not matter which of the two officially state approved political constructs you’re allowed to vote for sits in office? Left or Right, it’s the same orgy of crapulence, the same jackboot on your throat. There is no functional difference, you are voting for self serving, career hacks with no morals, no principles and no loyalty except to the sack of money they hide in an off shore tax haven.

At the end of the day, the muslims, politician caste and their gestapo’s are severely out numbered by the citizen. Voting does not change anything. In the final calculus, talking and voting never fixes anything when civil society has devolved into an elitist plutocracy where every single office seeking flack is indistinguishable from the most disgusting totalitarian dictator.

Germans, your dear chancellor is conspiring with the unelected EU dictators to form a ‘Euro SS’, a standing military force that is incapable of ‘defending’ Europe, but quite able to ‘maintain’ and ‘impose’ the will of the elite on their serfs. She has placed a former Stasi goon in charge of her gestapo, wake up! English, your PM is doing every thing she can to short out Brexit, and is poised to cede control of your military and nuclear deterrence forces to EU control. Frenchmen, grow a pair! Macron is right in there with Tsoros and Merkle, gnawing on the bones of liberty. Canadians deserve what they’ve got, a marxist dictatorial bureaucratic state controlled by faceless appointee’s and policemen.

Americans, you elected an extraordinarily wealthy hereditary elitist who makes his living on the status quo. Have you not noticed that, where it really matters, the white house is spouting the democratic and globalist party line? Noticed all the Clinton and Obama cronies still have their jobs and authority? If you would have any future that includes freedom from tyranny and a shred of human dignity, you will have to fight, as our fathers fought against the fall of night, time after time. You must fight. The alternative is enslavement, and extinction. These are the wages of complacency and stupidity. You do not get a choice, any more. The pigs are dug in too deeply, and we are out of time. This is the reality. Make your decision.

john Daniel #fundie barenakedislam.com

islamophobia …
non-islams are continually accused of being “it” (islamophobic) !!!
a non-islam can only ever be islam aware … more aware … or less aware … of islam !!!
(thankfully -more aware of islam- is the current trend
… all you have to do is be awake !)
… islams are so demonstrative of their criminality

an islam is the one who experiences islamophobia … a genuine fear of islam !
• fear of being called out for not being the correct type of islam … exterminated !
• fear of being not islam enough … exterminated !
• fear of leaving islam … exterminated !
• fear by islams of islam is a birth defect … none are aware of [or can admit to] their own fear !

islamophile …
• one who is guilty of treason against their own non-islam civilised nation !
• one who consorts aids and abets with invading islams … (a criminal behaviour) !

How do you believe an islam when they genuinely claim apostasy !

Peter35 #fundie barenakedislam.com

Actually, it’s probably worse than you know; because not only does the useless halfwit show he has no knowledge of history in making four enemy combatants multi-millionaires, (which labels him a traitor) but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the loony, Canada-hating liberals re-elected him.

Certainly, when we vote again, the liberals will most conveniently have forgotten the $40 million given to islam.

Shelagh #fundie barenakedislam.com

Oh, this is really all. Muslims in an advert for Christmas. That’s it, I am finally finished with England.

The disgust that overwhelms me could never be put into words. Enjoy yourselves, you so called English people.

Listen well to London’s Muslim mayor and learn how to be good savages. And may you all rot in hell.

Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Right here is where we need to decide who is the real bad guy. The leftist judge, or the demonized muzslime. In a good world the freaking vile dangerous mizslime could be shot, hanged, or at least deported, but in a totally screwed up world where “judges” make twisted decisions in favor of the devil tormented murdering muzslime, the the “JUDGE” is the real and present danger.

This humanish “judge” needs some serious JUDGING! The evil GLOBS aren’t even TRYING to hide their evil any longer, they are rubbing it in the face of the good people. GOOD people best get ready to do some JUDGING!!!!!

Linda Rivera #conspiracy barenakedislam.com

Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers…

On Liberty GB Facebook and on Breitbart, lots of people are saying to BOYCOTT TESCO!

Christianity is the total opposite of Islam. Islam hates Christianity and Christians making colonising Christian Britain with Muslims by ruling elites an Act of Treason and an Act against the Holy One, our Majestic Creator.

The elites conspire together to annihilate Christianity, Christmas and our culture.


Don Spilman #fundie barenakedislam.com

Muzslime think all of us are idiots like they are. They don’t understand that in western nations ALL of us are taught to read and encouraged and learn for ourselves.

We can read for ourselves what the vile putrid muzslime book says. We can actually understand what the ugly bastards are planning. We can understand that they are born into their putrid evil and that all they do is LIE about EVERYTHING.

Shelagh #fundie barenakedislam.com

England is determined to put Muslims first no matter what. I read the other day that a man threw part of a bacon sandwich into a mosque doorway and was jailed for two years. He was put in with all the Muslim filth who promptly murdered him for his heinous crime.

I really admire Jayda for what she is doing and wish her all the best and to stay safe.

But I just thank God that my family and I got out.