wfmcfp #fundie

I agree. Gender confusion is real and needs a more honest approach. We are injuring people in 'our' attempt to 'help them' feel included or 'ok'. If we really care we will speak the love. I know of a person who went off and began a transgender change. He's always been very emotionally unstable. For years no one even knew where he was, including his family. He's fathered a couple children of different women and has nothing to do with either. Now, in his 40's, nearly completely bald and extremely hairy chested, he's having surgical procedures done, wearing a wig, wearing a bra, and taking hormones. I am so discouraged surgeons will do this to a person for this is PERMANENT. He's still so very unhappy and lost. I do not feel he's been treated fairly. This P.C. anything goes stuff really needs to be pushed back against, for the health and safety of others.



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