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I was reading through a newspaper recently and ran across an article that made me think a bit about how silly we humans can be at times. The article was similar to one of those Ann Landers columns where readers send in questions for the "Expert" to answer.

We'll this particular article featured a woman who is married to a doctor. The doctor's wife said that her husband is very respected in the community and in his profession by his peers. She was upset however because she said that her husband is a phony and abusive. She said that her husband picks on her at home and is a totally different person than he is in public. She mentioned in particular that her husband criticized that very day for not putting the broccoli on the correct shelf in the refrigerator.

The female columnist sided with the woman and advised her to confront her "abusive" Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde husband or leave him if he didn't change. Let me say right here that divorce is a SIN! I would never advice any woman to stay in a dangerous situation, but all too often rebellious wives (who anger there husbands) demonize him when he has every right to be angry with her. Ladies, don't demonize your husband for getting angry if your not keeping the house clean, meeting his needs, and feeding him decent home cooked meals.


I can't believe that the wife I mentioned at the beginning of this article would rather go through all this trouble to discredit her husband than to simply obey him. Ladies, if your husband wants you to place the broccoli on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator... THEN PUT IT THERE! What's the problem? The woman in the article above is a rebellious wife, she would rather do things her own way than her husband's way. Like it or not ladies, your husband is over you in authority according to the Bible (Colossians 3:18). I know that some woman is going to ask, "Does it really matter where the broccoli goes? Is it really worth fighting over?" I'll tell you ladies a secret about most men... Yes! It really does matter. It is extremely important to most men that things are done a certain way. The bottom line is that the wife is to obey her husband... period! If it comes to a head-on conflict, then the wife is supposed to back down. Were talking broccoli here folks. Put the broccoli where your husband wants it. If you don't, then consider yourself a feminist.



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