Horatio Foxwood III #fundie facebook.com

"Recently my friend brought his dog (a boy dog) over to my house. I too have a dog that is a boy. I thought it would be fun for them to meet. Lord, I wish I'd never done that. My dog tried to... umm... "lie with" my friend's dog. In fact, I think they actually made love, because they were together a long time before my friend finally brought the water hose and we squirted them apart.

I've asked Jesus to forgive me for owning such a sinful beast. Since I could not explain the nature of sin to my dog, Jesus laid it on my heart to have my dog put to sleep, so it would not continue a sinful lifestyle.

So today I noticed that the new Facebook gift is a puppy in a box and I'm really sad because my dog is dead. Has anyone else had to deal with something like this?

PS - some of my liberal friends think I shouldn't have put my dog to sleep. IDK, what do u guys think?"



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