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I agree with the Anonymous poster. As a white, Englishman and a Doctor of Medicine, I hold no biases regarding races, but the fact of the matter is that they do indeed exist. People of African descent are the "master" race from which all races derive from. Anyone who is not black skinned with woolly hair is inferior for the lack of a better word. White skin and straight hair have no biological use or advantage. Black Africans can survive the elements of Europe just as easily as White Europeans can. The reverse, however, is not the case. White Europeans would simply perish in the presence of the sun.

The evolutionary biologists' claim that white skin "evolved" due to climate is absurd. Gould himself said that 50,000 years is not enough time for any significant evolution to take place, yet he subscribes these absurdities. The gene involved in white skin has always existed in the human gene pool, but has a very low probability of expression. In fact it’s a throwback gene found not only in earlier hominids, but in fish. It isn’t a mutation, but a defect in one of the genes involved in producing melanin. (Washington Post "Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin")

Caucasians are a byproduct of inbreeding. The geographical isolation of Caucasians forced them to breed with their own family members. This is why the Caucasian gene pool is much smaller in comparison to the African gene pool. Incest gives rise to all kinds of genetic disorders found high frequencies among Europeans, but almost non-existent in African populations. Inbreeding is also responsible for the Caucasian phenotype, which upon close examination is remarkably similar to other primates. Chimpanzees and other low-order primates resemble Caucasians in hair texture, narrow features, thin lips, large outer ears, and hairy bodies. Perhaps, the most notable similarity Caucasians have with primates is their very large supraorbital ridge or brow ridge. (Wikipedia, Supraorbital_ridge)

Africans have very little body hair, dark skin, full lips, small close-set outer ears, and woolly hair. Woolly hair is a recent adaptation and probably the first to disappear with inbreeding. It is probably a mutation to stave off lice, a major disease carrier as witnessed in the Bubonic plague of Europe. As our hominid ancestors evolved, they lost body hair and gained pigmentation to combat the effects of the sun. I’ve done a bit of obstetrics in the past and I’ve noticed how babies seem to conform to this phylogenetic path. African babies are born with light skin, straight hair and as the days go by, the hair becomes woolly and the skin darkens. Clearly, this is yet more proof that the African is the ideal homo sapien.

Regardless, environment plays a much greater role than genetics. Caucasians are able to survive the elements because of advances in cleanliness, technology, etc. Thus, we should take good care of mother earth, since we are least able to survive her wrath.



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