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Women are held to much, much lower standards than men. They are basically children trying to compete with adults. It's not just in PE class, it's in every facet of life. Women can get away with acting like children these days so they do. They're just incredibly bitchy and pretentious. I hope you all continue to live your miserable lives with your disgusting cats. Soon, you will realize who the good guys were. It was the white men, but your envy did not allow you to see that, so now the world is turning into a shithole of non-whites.

Also, your whole attitude is just disgusting as well. You can always tell when it's a woman talking on the internet. You can tell because their level of self-esteem is about 100x higher than it should be. "How dare he suggest that women are more childish than men. I bet he couldn't come up with a single example. And, if he does, I'll gaslight him."

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Because you are fat

You're the idiot. Did you ever heard about the master and slave morality? Of course you are the slave and if you can'to loose weight, well. Stop making children like you. You know there are shinny happy people in this world and we don't t want to see these slaves and their children. If you can't loose weight, than stop being. If stop eating doesn't to help you. Or pay taxes. But don't make people accept cause we don't! And we don't t have Tim we to accept your ilness. It's just time to multiply yourself!

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Psychiatric Drugs and Peter Gotzsche

It is disappointing that it is not acceptable to question or challenge the Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment . It is shameful that in the country of Canada for example there is so little access to non psychiatric drug treatment for first episode or mild occurrences of anxiety/ depression. It is so clear that we are the victims of “ Doctors in Denial “ and manipulation by Big Pharma. For anyone and particularly Canadians I would recommend two Canadian books that document the corruption and collusion dominating the Psychiatric Industry, first is ‘ Doctors in Denial, Why Big Pharma and the Canadian Medical Industry are too close for Comfort ‘ by Toronto Emergency Room Doctor, Joel Lexchin and the second book is by former Oakville MP Terence H Young , ‘ Death By Prescription ‘ which records his ten year battles with the Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Canada and various Professionals to find the reason for his sixteen year daughter ‘ Vanessa ‘s ‘ death by mis prescribing and the eventual passing of new Canadian Legislation in 2014 called ‘The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs ACT. I acknowledge that Mr Shorter is correct about some drugs being of value in certain Mental Health treatments but he does not acknowledge that there is direct relationship to the exponential rises in all categories of Mental Disorders ( aka DSM ) and the sales of Psychiatric drugs by Big Pharma. There are also now more people than ever, including children and seniors who will be life long users ( addicted to) Psychiatric drugs and many of whom will face enormous problems
withdrawing from these drugs. It is absolutely shameful that an industry that sells potentially poisonous pills, have been fined billions of dollars in for fraud, bribing doctors, illegally promoting off- label uses, and manipulating clinical trials or publishing only positive clinical results has been placed on such an untouchable pedestal. I suggest to do your homework, read or watch or listen to the many well founded reports of Dr David Healy, Dr Robin Murray, Dr Ben Goldacre, Dr Peter Gotzsche, Robert Whitaker,Dr Joanna Moncrieff, Mad In The Uk Podcasts with James Moore,
and the many people who have lived experience with the Mental Health Industry. What happened to Dr Gotzsche and the Cochrane group is shameful and a case of the ‘elites’ protecting their territory. I applaud his efforts to establish on March 9 2019, his ‘Institute of Scientific Freedom ‘. There may still be a role for ‘‘Psychiatry” but a more humane, ethical profession that puts non drug treatments as a priority and stops being so beholden to the Pharmaceutical Industry. In addition governments should legislate that results of all clinical trials be made public. No more hiding the data! But this is going to be a major battle because too many people make a very good living from the misery of other people.
After all if there were really people getting better there would be a lot of people out of work! Count them if you want to try. All the best who are trying to demand the best rather than addiction and dependency on toxic chemicals and the straight jacket they come with.

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response to article
Submitted by American College of Pediatricians on June 7, 2017 - 10:39am
The American College of Pediatricians is a professional organization confident in the science we present and in the traditional ethics we uphold. In the past, we have typically directed critics to the relevant content on our website. Mr. Jack Turban that is not only libelous, but also denies the fact that untold numbers of American children are being experimented upon, and many of them permanently sterilized, under the guise of treating a largely transient disorder known as Gender Dysphoria of Childhood. This warrants a more public response.

The American College of Pediatricians has held true to its founding principles summarized by its slogan, “Best for Children.” The College has also endured ad hominem attacks for making factual statements that threaten agendas which promote the wants of adults over the needs of children. Attacking the messenger is a tactic commonly used by those who cannot refute a truthful message. Labels, such as hate group, extremist, right wing, miniscule, Christian fundamentalist, and deceptively named, reveal desperate attempts to deflect attention away from facts that undermine a desired agenda.

The American College of Pediatricians is precisely what its name implies: a national nonsectarian organization of child and adolescent physicians and health professionals. We have never surveyed the religious identities of our membership, nor attempted to attract physicians of a given religion. In fact, members of our Board of Directors and various committees have identified themselves as Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. We are physicians and healthcare professionals united by a commitment to traditional Hippocratic medicine; a medical tradition that respects life from conception to natural death and provides care to all patients, as delineated in our Statement of Inclusiveness. It is true that we are relatively smaller than other medical organizations; we have 500 members and counting. Ultimately, however, this is irrelevant to the veracity of our statements; sound science and ethics are not determined by majority vote.

Responsible journalism requires thorough investigation of the subject at hand. This appears lacking with Mr. Turban’s report on the ACPeds. He and others have expressed deep concern over our very legitimate name, yet they erroneously designate us as the “ACP,” which stands for the American College of Physicians. Our proper designation is ACPeds. Our web address, pretty much gives it away. Then again, most of our detractors have never bothered to give our website, position statements, let alone any of the hundreds of scientific references there, a careful read. Were they to do so, they would realize how easily their alternative facts would be refuted, particularly those regarding Gender Dysphoria in Children.

Yes, Mr. Turban, prior to the widespread promotion of transgender affirmation, 75 - 95 percent of prepubertal children with Gender Dysphoria eventually outgrew that distress. The vast majority came to accept their biological sex by late adolescence after passing naturally through puberty. The alternative fact, recently put forth by activists, that large numbers of children who desisted were actually “misdiagnosed” with Gender Dysphoria is debunked by data in Dr. Devita Singh’s doctoral thesis, and also by Dr. T.D. Steensma et. al., as noted in slides 23-25 of our Gender Dysphoria power point.

Yes, Mr. Turban, children diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria pre-pubertally are permanently sterilized when the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and Pediatric Endocrine Society Guidelines are followed. According to these Guidelines, children are placed on puberty blockers as early as Tanner stage II of puberty (as young as age 11) and then placed directly on cross-sex hormones by age 16. An article by Dr. A. Evan Eyler, referenced in our full position statement, confirms that children administered blockers beginning at Tanner stage II and seamlessly transitioned to cross-sex hormones are prevented from producing gonadal tissue (eggs or sperm) for cryopreservation. They will be unable to have genetic offspring of their own even with artificial reproductive technology.

There is an obvious self-fulfilling effect in helping children to impersonate the opposite sex both socially and pharmacologically. Logic leads one to predict that most, if not all, pre-pubertal gender dysphoric children treated in this way will lose the potential to identify with their biological sex, and instead go on to claim a transgender identity. As noted in our position statement, the single follow-up study of such children finds just that; 100% of the pre-pubertal children placed on the social affirmation/puberty blocker protocol failed to desist.

According to the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology (2014), among those youth who did resolve their Gender Dysphoria prior to the present-day transgender affirmation ethos, 63 - 100% of boys would identify as gay adults, and 32-50% of the girls would identify as lesbian by young adulthood. Affirming pre-pubertal gender dysphoric children as transgender potentially translates into a significant percentage of LGB adults being sterilized. Consequently, some members of the LGB community stand with the ACPeds against this “transgendering of children” which they view as nothing less than the single greatest form of homophobic hatred, namely, eugenics.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that the elevated rates of mental illness and suicide among transgender-identified youth and adults are due solely, or even predominately, to societal prejudice or discrimination. At least one 2008 study by LGBT-affirming researchers, noted in our Gender Dysphoria position statement, found these factors not to be causative. Mr. Turban’s article also alleges that the College has ignored evidence that transition improves mental health in gender dysphoric children. The “evidence” consists of two small short term studies that contain methodological flaws, and therefore, prove no such thing. There is also no scientifically rigorous, large, prospective or sufficiently longitudinal evidence that transition of gender dysphoric children prevents suicide in the long term. However, there is long-term research on the mental health of adults who transitioned with Gender Dysphoria. This reveals that despite initial relief of the dysphoria, one or more decades after transition, they often present with worse mental health than that of the general population, including a suicide rate nearly twenty times greater. This observation raises more questions than it answers, and should, therefore, give pediatric health professionals great pause- at least those who value evidence-based medicine and are dedicated to ‘first do no harm’.

Some members of the transgender community recognize this and have expressed solidarity with the ACPeds. Rene Jax, a Male to Female Trans author, wrote:

"Dear Dr. Cretella,
Chemical castration, sterilization and surgical mutilation are more than just words to me. They are personal and brutal realities; no child should be subjected to this. Thank you."

The ACPeds has also been contacted by clinicians and academic physicians across the political spectrum, including LGB affirming clinicians. They have expressed their gratitude to the ACPeds for saying publicly what they cannot. Division chairs in psychology and sociology, and many pediatric endocrinologists have told us that to stand for science and go against transgender group think is professional suicide and often results in relentless harassment including death threats.

Belief is in the mind; not in the body. Everyone knows that thinking or feeling that something is true does not make it true. When people consistently and persistently insist something that is contrary to physical reality, they are, at best, confused, or at worst, delusional. According to the alternative logic of transgender experts, however, this is true in every instance except where biological sex is concerned. In this case alone, the persistent and consistent insistence of something contrary to physical reality is definitive proof of the metaphysical claim that an immaterial essence, or in the words of Dr. John Money, “[an] internal sexed identity” is trapped in the wrong body. This foundational claim of transgender medicine has far more in common with a quasi-religion than it has with evidence-based science. How much longer will society sacrifice the health of its children upon these altars?

Michelle Cretella, MD, FCP President

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rene jax: How many more thousands of children will suffer at the hands of a medical profession with these Nazi-esque experimental procedures before they are called out for what they are? Why does your medical profession allow these treatments for a condition they do not know the cause of? Giving cross sex identity confused children these drugs, when there has been NO proven research as to the actual cause of the condition is nothing short of child abuse. It is experimentation worthy of Dr. Mengele. Keep up the good work Turban, your name will go down in history books with Josephs.

Jack Turban MD MHS: I'm afraid you are misrepresenting history here. The Nazis sadly destroyed institutes in Germany that provided medical care and support for transgender individuals. The Institute of Sex Research in Berlin was one such target. Magnus Hirschfeld, director of the institute, was one of the earliest advocates for gay and transgender rights. With the rise of the Nazis and the destruction of his institute, he ultimately went into exile in France. His books supporting transgender and gay rights were burned along with those of Jewish authors, those that discussed evolution, etc.

rene jax: Mr. Turban. Once again your LGBT politics is blinding you to reality. The only thing that separates your TS hormone therapy and SRS from the work Joseph Mengele performed in the camps is a signed consent form. There is no valid science behind the "science" of your medical treatments for people with this condition. Simply following your medical predecessors line of treatments, and regurgitating their beliefs that gender confusion is not a treatable/curable condition shows intellectual laziness and an unimaginable hubris. While your education background is impressive. My knowledge comes from a half century of living as a transsexual and the now clear knowledge that the medical profession's propensity toward writing scripts for hormones and sexual mutilation is false. Even Stoller had to eventually come to grips with the fact that SRS outcomes were a failure. They and yours are all inline with those very same ideas that Hirschfeld, Benjamin, Mengele, Money and Freeman promoted and ruined the lives of so many. Let's agree to disagree.

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Leave it to atheistards to make up lies about the Bible, which they don't even read. (Let's be real, atheists are too stupid to read the Bible anyway; they wouldn't understand it, lol!)

People really shouldn't expect atheists to know anything about morality, either, lol!. They don't. If atheists could predict whether or not their child would grow up to be a theist, they would murder him/her without a second thought if he/she dares to become anything but an atheist.

Yeah... people shouldn't look to atheists as a moral guide, lol! People without morals (a.k.a. atheists) can't be trusted with anything, lol!

Atheists sure talk big for people with no moral compass and no brains, lol! :F

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I agree with the Anonymous poster. As a white, Englishman and a Doctor of Medicine, I hold no biases regarding races, but the fact of the matter is that they do indeed exist. People of African descent are the "master" race from which all races derive from. Anyone who is not black skinned with woolly hair is inferior for the lack of a better word. White skin and straight hair have no biological use or advantage. Black Africans can survive the elements of Europe just as easily as White Europeans can. The reverse, however, is not the case. White Europeans would simply perish in the presence of the sun.

The evolutionary biologists' claim that white skin "evolved" due to climate is absurd. Gould himself said that 50,000 years is not enough time for any significant evolution to take place, yet he subscribes these absurdities. The gene involved in white skin has always existed in the human gene pool, but has a very low probability of expression. In fact it’s a throwback gene found not only in earlier hominids, but in fish. It isn’t a mutation, but a defect in one of the genes involved in producing melanin. (Washington Post "Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin")

Caucasians are a byproduct of inbreeding. The geographical isolation of Caucasians forced them to breed with their own family members. This is why the Caucasian gene pool is much smaller in comparison to the African gene pool. Incest gives rise to all kinds of genetic disorders found high frequencies among Europeans, but almost non-existent in African populations. Inbreeding is also responsible for the Caucasian phenotype, which upon close examination is remarkably similar to other primates. Chimpanzees and other low-order primates resemble Caucasians in hair texture, narrow features, thin lips, large outer ears, and hairy bodies. Perhaps, the most notable similarity Caucasians have with primates is their very large supraorbital ridge or brow ridge. (Wikipedia, Supraorbital_ridge)

Africans have very little body hair, dark skin, full lips, small close-set outer ears, and woolly hair. Woolly hair is a recent adaptation and probably the first to disappear with inbreeding. It is probably a mutation to stave off lice, a major disease carrier as witnessed in the Bubonic plague of Europe. As our hominid ancestors evolved, they lost body hair and gained pigmentation to combat the effects of the sun. I’ve done a bit of obstetrics in the past and I’ve noticed how babies seem to conform to this phylogenetic path. African babies are born with light skin, straight hair and as the days go by, the hair becomes woolly and the skin darkens. Clearly, this is yet more proof that the African is the ideal homo sapien.

Regardless, environment plays a much greater role than genetics. Caucasians are able to survive the elements because of advances in cleanliness, technology, etc. Thus, we should take good care of mother earth, since we are least able to survive her wrath.

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Exactly what is the racial composition of YOUR neighborhood, Dr. Lyubansky? Enquiring minds want to know. I'll wait, with baited breath, for you to get back to us on that since I look so good in blue! Although, if I could research that zip code, it would not shock me in the least to find that there are very few colorful urban types to "strengthen" your neighborhood through "diversity." That's the way you buttinsky social engineers operate. One rule for thee but not for me. Because you're special! The rules (even those you try to impose on everyone else) just do not apply to people like you!

I believe Benjamin is intelligent enough to know that Whites who move great distances to live in Lily-White enclaves don't like Non-Whites ... or they would live in racially diverse neighborhoods. (That is probably why he calls these areas "Whitopias"). He was sensitive enough to know that he was intruding himself on people who did not want his type around them. Especially Christian Identity which is the most vocal and, in the past, tended to be most violently opposed to having him around. That is why, when he crashed their party, he was probably gratified that they were polite to him rather than taking advantage of all those remote wooded areas to kill him and dispose of the body.

FYI, no matter how much you Miscegenation Maniacs like you love to equate Separatism with Supremacy, the two are vastly different. A separatist wants to love, live, work with, and employ his own. People like this aren't assigning another race an inferior status so they can enslave them. A supremacist philosophy is like a race of people who feel that all other races are inferior to them. They believe God has put them on the planet so they can slaughter, enslave, subjugate and live off of the labor of other races as they see fit. They title themselves things like the Master Race (Germans), the Covenant People (British Israelites). They themselves were inspired by ... surprise, surprise ... THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. Complete with a Messiah who is going to exterminate all gentiles who resist and give over 2,000 slaves to each Jew. Talk about supremacist philosophies, that sounds like a doozy, don't you agree, Dr. Lyubansky? Of course, you don't!

What dismays me more about Benjamin was this weird need of his to chase White people all over hell's half acre to find out where they had gone and what they were doing. Oh, yeah. Living in safe, clean, pleasant neighborhoods and playing golf. Oh, Lord! Clutch the pearls. I guess that means YOU and the other heroes of The Forces of Diversity need to step in and put a stop to allthat, don't you, Dr. Lyubansky?

However, I am mystified why YOU'RE so damned upset that White Christians are separating themselves from other people. Haven't Jewish liberals like you and your propaganda wing that thinly disguises itself as media, entertainment, and education decided that Whites are responsible for every evil in the modern world? Don't you feel better when such people aren't around flaunting their so-called White Privilege? Don't you feel safer that such evil people are staying far, far away from you? This separation anxiety you all seem to be suffering would be touching if it wasn't so damned creepy.

It seems to me that Moses forgot all the stone tablets when he came down to bring the Israelites the commandments of "G-d." He's plainly missed the one that had the following commandment on it:


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When I read your article about bonobos, I of course, thought of Owen. He would love them. But, I had to ask the question, "Am I comfortable with him learning about bonobos and their behaviors?" It's a good question for me to ask myself. If I'm honest, I would say my first reaction was to shield him from these animals because of their behavior. This wouldn't be uncharacteristic for us, since there are lots of animal behaviors that are difficult for a four-year old to understand (i.e. mating, violence, etc...). However, what's different about this particular behavior is that in an orthodox biblical position, homosexuality is a sin... but animals don't sin. We don't typically place animals in a moral category. In other words, they don't do righteous acts or unrighteous acts. So...what am I to make of these animals that engage in homosexual activity? It seems to me that this behavior reveals a sense of brokenness in the natural world. Paul spoke of the unnaturalness of homosexuality, "men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men..."(Rom. 1:27). So, what he says is unnatural, now looks to be natural! But, just as natural disasters aren't normative, neither is homosexual activity within animals. The creation itself is marred with the effects of sin (i.e. death).

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The only problem in America is allowing the left a place at the table. I long for a civil war and hope one day to crush you socialist alarmist hatefilled 'useful idiots' under a boot.
Why dont you get the ball rolling and commit suicide with your leftwing buddies at the gay bar as a way of protesting how evil America is by continuing to have children?