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This rant has been brewing a whole so I apologise for length. I've been wrestling with my beliefs and feelings on trans ideology. For the past while I've been doing a lot of mental gymnastics to try to justify what I thought was my position of "rational trans ally." I thought I was maybe some kind of "EX-TERF" because I started to buy into this idea that being critical of trans ideology was always hateful and since I loved my trans friends I had to be wrong. I tried to "re-educate" myself. I read up on lib fem sources and tried really really hard to silence the critical part of my mind.

Every time a TIM in my life acted with obvious male socialisation I tried to explain it away with "oh she's not been long transitioned and this is just my bigotry talking." I can't do it anymore. I hit peak over and over. ALL of the TIMs I had been friends with tried to muscle in on #metoo. I have no doubts that trans people are just as likely to be victims as anyone but this was different. They would step over natal women and shout about cis-centrism and cry about cis privilege when these women were discussing awful awful assaults. One actually said they wished they had a pussy that could be grabbed.

I've been watching Contrapoints videos, keeping up with their transition, sympathising with a lot of it but time and time again they would say or do something that was just so MALE that I wanted to scream. Today Contra started raising money by selling tickets to a "debate" between 3 TIMs run and hosted by literal, Holocaust-denying fascists. And Contra isn't the only fascist-supporting TIM I've encountered. They're always white and middle class and late-transitioning and obviously fetishistic MEN. I want to scream. I can't play this game any more. Men are colonising our spaces and claiming we're the oppressors. I think I've hit my final peak.



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