Fritz Chery #fundie

America is extremely wicked and filled with perversion. People actually boast in the fact that they are zoosexuals. People even boast that they love zoophilia pornography. Cannibalism and bestiality is on the rise and not only is it sick it is animal cruelty. It is disgusting that this egregious sin is being shown in movies such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Planet of the Apes. Human flesh is different from animal flesh. Women were made for men not animals for men and vice versa. Bestiality is unnatural and Scripture clearly condemns it. Many fake Christians who continually commit this sin say Jesus died for my sins and it’s not in the New Testament. A Christian will not practice sin because they have repented (turned from their sin). God doesn’t change God hated it then and he hates it now. If you’re not saved you are in grave danger and after you are done reading please click on the link above.



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