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America is extremely wicked and filled with perversion. People actually boast in the fact that they are zoosexuals. People even boast that they love zoophilia pornography. Cannibalism and bestiality is on the rise and not only is it sick it is animal cruelty. It is disgusting that this egregious sin is being shown in movies such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Planet of the Apes. Human flesh is different from animal flesh. Women were made for men not animals for men and vice versa. Bestiality is unnatural and Scripture clearly condemns it. Many fake Christians who continually commit this sin say Jesus died for my sins and it’s not in the New Testament. A Christian will not practice sin because they have repented (turned from their sin). God doesn’t change God hated it then and he hates it now. If you’re not saved you are in grave danger and after you are done reading please click on the link above.

Fritz Chery #fundie biblereasons.com

Many believers wonder can Christians have anal sex? First, let’s find out what sodomy means. Webster definition- anal sex with someone.

While it is true Christian couples don’t have a sex limit on what they can and can’t do in regard to sex positions and oral sex. Sex is the male’s penis into a female’s vagina. Anal sex is penis to anus, which is sodomy. You might say how about if it’s between husband and wife, but God didn’t intend men to put their penis inside an anus period.


Sodomy is anal sex! Its name comes from Sodom and Gomorrah where God destroyed the city because of the homosexuality that was going on there. The anus was not designed for sex, neither is it safe to practice. Even though the Bible doesn’t discuss anal sex between a married couple, from what the Bible does tell us you can see that God intended penis to go inside vagina not anus. Married couples shouldn’t be having anal sex. We must not take away God’s natural way of doing things.

Fritz Chery #fundie biblereasons.com

Can Christians smoke weed? No, and yes pot is indeed a sin. This new generation of professing Christians don’t care for God’s Word. They will make so many different excuses and twist words to justify sin. Before I became a Christian I was a pot head. It was my idol.

I personally know someone who died while smoking a joint. It kills your lungs. It increased my anxiety. This world is cannabis crazy. Medical marijuana is a complete joke. Weed is a gateway drug that is making many people broke. Even though people try to deny it, weed is addicting and many people have to go to rehab for it.

People are spending 20 dollars a gram for a few hours high. Is it really worth it? People are making extremely poor decisions and the devil is promoting this through worldly music. If you’re a teen you must not try to fit in with the bad crowd.

God’s ways are higher than our ways. I used to always make excuses and Satan was deceiving me, but God showed me and convicted me and I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. Stop making excuses! You know it’s a sin! Repent and turn to Christ! Click the link at the top of the page.