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Why did I title this article "Homosexuality and the Reign of Terror"? That may seem greatly overstated right now, and perhaps "the Reign of Intimidation" would be a description better suited to what we are experiencing today. One doesn't need the gift of prophecy, however, to recognize the direction of the serious "judicial" incidents that haven taken place thus far. For example, here and in Canada we've seen the rise of "human rights commissions" that major on issues related to homosexuality, primarily prosecuting as "hate crimes" the act of writing or speaking out against the practice.


Historically, the phrase "Reign of Terror" was applied to a notorious period of the French Revolution. A few characteristics of the Reign of Terror correlate with what is developing today in the US - where the issue centers around homosexuality. It's rather stunning that the LGBT community, consisting of less than 4 percent of the US population, has had such power and influence over the media and in our legal institutions and is thereby seemingly able to force its will on the masses.

In 18th century France, the Jacobins, although small in number, took control of the government of France aided by the popular support of the Sans-Culottes (the far more numerous poor of France). The objective of the Jacobins was to coerce and conform the thinking and actions of the French people to their own ideology. Their leader, Robespierre, attempted to replace traditional Christian morals and values with his own concept of a "Republic of Virtue." This has been the chief strategy of the LGBT movement in America. One has only to consider what has been implemented in our school systems, from kindergarten through high school, and to check out the pro-gay resource materials that have been mandated for use by school boards throughout the country.

According to French history, one-time supporters of the Jacobins who began to believe that their means were becoming too extreme, were guillotined. Although that's not the case in the US, some who have fervently objected to the LGBT agenda have been fiercely targeted by the movement in order to counter their influence. Much of the LGBT propaganda has left many Christians in a confused state, particularly young adult Christians who see the church's bewilderment over how to respond. They battle accusations of being unloving, intolerant, and bigoted. The only confident response for anyone who calls himself a biblical Christian (one who desires to know in truth the instructions of the Bible and to obey what it teaches) is to abide in the Word of God.



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