usachinanukewar #fundie

By the way, IF we wanna talk about the anal sex, I’m absolutely and definitely and always a virgin boy. I have a virgin ass without being penetrated by any earthly man with 6-packs and a gigantic penis. I’m a good holy boy with a virgin ass. And, tell all of you a secret. Someone loved my ass, but this someone was a SHE, not a HE. She loved my ass, and when we had sex, she always loved grabbing my ass, because she deemed my ass was so adorable and cute and sexy and TIGHT. My earthly ass was really really really tight when I was in my early 20’s. I miss my tight ass so much. But, anyway, I’m gotta have a very extremely hot and gorgeous immortal ass with IMMORTAL TIGHTNESS very soon in the Church Rapture. I’m gotta love my immortal ass so much for eternity. And, only Jesus can grab my ass in my eternal life.
And, in my eternal life, IF Jesus wanna eat me, then that’s my pleasure. I’m gotta let Jesus DEVOUR me into His stomach. Only Jesus can eat me. No one, no any earthly man is qualified enough to eat me, for they’re just a whole bunch of idiots, and I hate idiots, especially very poor idiots, very financially-stricken idiots with 6 or even 8-packs with a gigantic penis. They’re just a whole bunch of huge jumbo walking HIV in human form with no brain, but an aging and earthly penis. Their sperms full of HIV. The last thing I wanna have on the earth in my earthly, aging body is HIV. I hate HIV. And, I hate any huge jumbo walking HIV in human form, because they’re spreading the virus across the globe. And, I can tell who’s sleeping around with my keen eyes.
Remember and be aware of it! I am an extraordinarily smart Bella Boy, and only my Immortal Edward, Lord Jesus Christ, can eat me. Any earthly Jacob with 8-packs and an aging, gigantic penis cannot steal me away from my Lover, Lord Jesus Christ. Loyalty is my core personality when I fall in love. And, I am in love now with Jesus. Jesus is my Lover and I am His bride. And, I only SLEEP WITH JESUS’ IMMORTAL GORGEOUS PENIS, IF He wanna eat me. I hate and don’t need any earthly Jacob’s gigantic penis and 8-packs. And, by the way, going naked swimming, diving, sun-bathing, playing volleyball, doing everything all naked in my private island with Jesus, a 2-guy world, is my dream.
I have a very extremely psychotic Electra complex. And, I’ve found Jesus as my Super Sugar Daddy. Jesus and I already make a deal. He owns my body. And, Jesus is really hot, gorgeous, young, muscular, tight, in His glorious Immortal Body. No wrinkles. And, the real ultra-richest one. And, Jesus is so qualified as my Super Sugar Daddy. He absolutely can eat me if He wants. I’m gotta put myself on a silver platter and dedicate myself to Him in the first night of our wedding. I’m the little hottest, wildest immortal cat boy that belongs to Jesus, and He can do anything He wants when we’re really on the bed just in case He wanna eat me. I have an immortal Twister Tongue.
When we’re on the bed, Jesus really doesn’t have to do anything. He can just simply lie there on the center of our bed and enjoy my performance. My immortal Twister Tongue will do everything, vibrating at a lightning speed back and forth. My immortal Twister Tongue is gotta do the job, all the service. Believe me. The ultimate thrilling joy and climax. Jesus is my Man, Lover, King, Emperor, God, Super Sugar Daddy. My everything. I desperately wanna invite Jesus to go naked vacation on a island in the Pacific when we both fly back to the earth and He sets up His Kingdom. Our 2-guy naked vacation on a island in the Pacific, my dream and hot vacation, doing everything all naked. Just Jesus and I.



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