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Absolutely right, Ashley. Mammal males are a natural defect. Eliminating them out of the reproductive process produced longer living mice in the Kaguya experiment. This is true even judging by fetal development, where the males fetuses suck more resources out of the mother, thus growing bigger and causing more difficult births and pregnancies + leaving bits of the Y chromosome in the mother's brain!! All this is AFTER the default female fetus get hijacked by male hormones several weeks into gestation. = This is the behaviour of a parasite.

I have yet to see proof of genuine humanity or connection with Life in men. It's like they only learn to wear a human mask by copying us. When you isolate them from women > they revert into their natural feral state. This happened in early Aussie colonies; & keeps happening in prisons, armies, sporting teams, excess male populations in China & India. Socialisation is supposed to make them bad, but it seems to be the opposite: it's the only thing keeping them above jungle level. Yet when women are isolated - they thrive!

I spent most of my life contemplating how maleness is a mental illness. It finally made sense when I read up on the pitiful state of the Y chromosome. Men are literal half-wits because they function on only 1 healthy chromosome.



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