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Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are a government front in my opinion. If not, they are just plain cruel and mean. They are of the Devil. NOBODY thanks God for dead 9-year old girls like Fred Phelps and his demonic cult of followers do. In January of 2011, an Arizona man killed a 9-year old girl with a gun, and a Constitution upholding judge, and also shot congresswoman in the head. These are sad and tragic events and my sympathies go out to the family members. Shame on Fred Phelps and his followers!

By “government” I mean a small group of criminals who have hijacked the federal government. President John F. Kennedy warned Americans of a White House coup 10 days before he was assassinated.

I suspected Fred Phelps of being a government plant ever since the day they first went public with their hateful signs. Before the little girl's funeral, the State of Arizona enacted a law banning protests within 300-feet of a funeral, because they heard Fred Phelps was going to protest at the little girl's funeral with hateful signs thanking the shooter. NO ONE does crazy stuff like that! It couldn't be more obvious that Phelps is being used to outlaw free speech. Then Phelps called off the protest after the law was passed. Of course, that was the entire goal to begin with.

Everyplace Fred Phelps goes, the First Amendment is being taken away. This is how tyrants take away our freedoms. They milk every incident that happens to ban free speech. I guarantee you that the law passed in Arizona will be expanded over time to ban free speech completely. The murderous forced abortion policy in China began as a seemingly innocent tax on parents. Fred Phelps and his hatemongering group are being used to get a foot in the door to ban free speech and attack the First Amendment. No pastor in America, Calvinist or not, would express such hatred as Fred Phelps. He has nothing but absolute hatred for sinners, but he is a sinner as much as the vilest homosexual, and so are you, and myself as well (James 2:10). All men are sinners (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23).



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