Gabriel Erb #fundie

There are a number of different ways God could have allowed the Messiah, Christ Jesus, to die physically – stabbing, beheading, etc. – and still deliver us from our bondage to sin and death. So why did God want it to happen on a cross? Was God speaking something more to mankind through this visible, physical method of death? Absolutely!

In the Garden of Eden “sin” was represented as “fruit hanging on a tree”. Eve ate the forbidden fruit, which brought on the curse of death. God wanted Christ’s physical body to be a visible picture of this original “curse of sin” when he died; thus, he hung him like fruit on a tree! The only difference was … Jesus NEVER sinned! Thus, his spiritual death became the righteous death whereby we can now have our death penalty (for the sins we’ve committed) paid in full. His death in place of our death! The righteous for the unrighteous! Praise his name forevermore!

In addition, by having Christ’s two physical hands (10 fingers) and his two physical feet (10 toes) BOTH nailed to the tree … God was saying, “This man’s death is a worthy sacrifice, having power to pay for ANY and ALL sin (10LC disobedience)!” Listen, in Scripture, God often says and does the same thing twice – Joseph’s 2 dreams, Jacob working 7 years twice for a bride, etc – and this is always God’s way of signifying the “thing” is SURE! It is coming to pass! It cannot be changed! Subsequently, we have God’s reason behind wanting TWO sets of the 10LC tables (hands and feet!) being nailed to the tree (cross). God was saying the same “thing” twice, “My work of salvation is FINISHED!”



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