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Re: China declares Islam an "incurable tumour" and a "poisonous medicine"

With enough brute force you can eliminate religion. By physically eliminating all Adult adherents you assure that Religion doesn't spread. Religion is a thing of the past. Science is the future, Islam like Judaism and Islam will one day be seen as a laughable myth.

Darwinism is superior to religion and the Chinese are Darwinists who believe in force, and not an outside undefinable "Spiritual agency".

In Totalitarian societies "The Cult of the Leader" replaces "God". The need for "God" or "Gods" is a Primitive need hard wired into human beings. At some point in our Evolutionary past it was advantageous.

Christianity is a religion for the weak and dying. As soon as Europe became Christian it sealed it's fate. Christianity worships weakness and degeneracy, taken to it's logical conclusion it is a death cult.

Religion is for Primitive people who operate on instinct not people of average intelligence who operate on logic. Sadly, most of White America is still Christian and willing donate to their corrupt Pastors and the Zionist cause of White Racial Genocide.

I was raised a Christian and became a free thinker in High School. However it took me years to break free of the accursed Death Cult which excels at Brain washing and exploiting human psychology weaknesses. The Chief of which is Death. Christianity is like a Pacifier is to a Baby, it gives us comfort it let's us free ourselves from an all consuming neurotic fear of Death. Death is nothing to fear nor is creating an alternative reality of an afterlife change one's Ultimate fate. It's hard to believe that once the physical mind and body is destroyed their is a Spirit that remains. Experience teaches us otherwise yet many stubbornly hold on to this antiquated ideas out of Fear.



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