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This is depressing as all hell. But even as a dyed in the wool leftist, I would consider casting my vote with a right wing party like the Tories to prevent self-ID / the Gender Recognition Act update from going into place. If the Tories were to back away from it fully, as Justine Greening seemed to be doing, I would definitely think long and hard about voting for them even though I loathe everything else they stand for...

That said, chances are quite high that I would still opt to simply spoil a ballot given that choice, rather than vote for the right wing, but I would definitely have to really think hard. I am sure that many women who are not as left wing would find it a no-brainer though.

Once self-ID goes on the books, it will stay there possibly forever. As much as Tory policies surrounding health care, Brexit, welfare, employment legistlation, and basically everything else are a flaming garbage fire, most of that could be reversed by a Labour party under new leadership that's had some sense smacked into it by the desertion of women it caused with its misogynistic behavior.



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