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Sorry, you cannot possibly be "Christian" and "Gay." That's an irrational oxymoron if ever there was one. To be a TRUE Christian means you would try not to do anything knowingly or deliberately to violate, give offense or even live outside of G-d's Divine laws! That is mortal/moral sin. "Gay" is truly a most despicable Satanic word of mockery and the most contemptuous hatred towards G-d and his laws. The intent behind this perverted word is to cunningly infiltrate enmasse the minds of unsuspecting belligerent souls tempting each one into engaging into the act of sodomy to pervert the very nature of G-d's creatures and then to twist it socially as though it were perfectly natural, which it is NOT!!!! To destroy the family structure from within, to infiltrate the Holy Roman Catholic church, (and all protestant churches too) its seminaries and the children they have access to, and therefore, the nation itself. Look around you. Use your brains and pray...Get real, and get wise fast!?



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