Aruxia #conspiracy

This is but another step toward totalitarian corporate governance.

Close small businesses, buy them out. Reform the monopoly.

Restructuring of modern day slavery. What pokes its ugly head out when the dust clears will be a image many people will say is that of a helpful caring governmental corporation. A few of is realized they dont shut down the economy for you. They shut down the economy, to inflict these negative consequences upon the populace.

The whales will thin out a bit. The krill will be eaten and repurposed based upon wherever demand for labor is needed.

Rise people. Fight the power. Eat the rich. For they're going to let us eat each other if we stay on our knees and "hope the government helps us out".

The Novus Ordo Seclorum has been around since the inception of the idea of a free country. Many founders of this country were a part of that order.

The curtain will be pulled back, the tables and chairs will be removed from stage, the lights will cut on, and you'll see the bright red brick wall of the system once the illusion is too expensive to be maintained.

The Georgia Guidestones set out their plan in stone. They have to kill 7.2 billion people. Most of you are going to let them because it's a "conspiracy theory".

The masses brains are well washed.

You're free to believe what you like, but you better have some seeds, food, water, and ammo stashed away for when the stores dont open back up.



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