armyman_83 #fundie

I for one, being a United States Infantryman, believe that if Trijicon puts any reference to the Bible on their optics then it is there right. Trijicon makes THE best optics (scopes) that I have ever used, or seen. I carried a Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) in Iraq last year and I can tell you that just about anyone in the military will agree that they make the best optics for most commonly issued small-arms.

I never even knew about that Bible verse on my scope until it came up in the news. Do I care? No, in fact I find it kind of nice. Its like giving one back to the Jihadists. While other servicemen may have joined up for "Freeing Iraq" or whatever, I joined "Pro Dues et Patria"--"For God and Country", I joined to fight and kill Islamic Jihadists.

The struggle over there is one between Islam and Christianity, but sadly only the Jihadists seem to make that clear. They are not politically correct. While everyone is entitled to their opinion mine is thus: If Trijicon were forced to remove their "hidden Bible code" from their product they should cease from working with the U.S. Government, Trijicon has the best product and they should deserve to be able to place a Bible reference. For those who find this distrubing, then please give your money away, because as far as I am aware--"In God We Trust!" still is seen on legal tender.



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