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I guess I'm never going to the Netherlands


I live here. I am fucking stuying at a technical university here. The female privilige is insane. My class is 60 men and 5 women. They give out scholarships. 4 per year of 10k. But due to this BS half of the scholarship is supposed to go to women. Which means that half of the women get this every year...

They have a fucking open day for women only.

Now you can only apply for a job when your are a woman.

When you fail they set lower standards to keep you in due to their equality quotas.

I am a very ambitious student doing a double masters in math and psysics and never having to do a retest. Yet I am never asked or admitted for anything. All east positions for jobs and tutoring go to women. Open day jobs? Only women. The job I have? Data analist in a laboratory. Why no women there? Because you get judged on the result, not your vagina.

And they call me a fucking fascist for pointing it out.

Not even mentioning how arrogant and ugly the women get here due to lack of competition.



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