Donny Gately #sexist

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]


“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” - I'm just as hot and famous as Marilyn Monroe!

Any girl who says that doesn't have a "best."

"Well-behaved girls rarely make history"
'Secretly, I'm boring as fuck. You'll want to fall asleep mid-bang.'

I hate drama = I lurrvvvve drama.

You're a little short for me = Come back when you're Tom Cruise

I like being good friends with guys I date = I love the attention from betas who fawn over me for 6 months per bang.

I'm artsy = I'm slutty.

I like working out = I like staring at guys at the gym while reading OK mag.

Let's go out sometime = Never/Only if no one else is around including my cat

No = convince me
Maybe = not in a million years

I'm not seeing anyone right now = I'm dying to get fucked

I love my body = you won't when the clothes come off

I'm a dancer = I'm a drug-addled stripper

I only drink Champagne = I have no idea what I really like to drink

I'm unique = I'm like every other college girl shopping at Lily Pulitzer

I like tats and piercings = You may have just qualified to be my 501st fuck. This year.

I love traveling = I love fucking natives abroad where no one can see how big a slut I am.

I'm a good girl = I'm dying to meet an alpha that will fuck me more than once or pretend he likes me after

I'm a virgin = I've given blowjobs to half the lax team this semester.

I'm 21 = I'm 23.
I'm 25 = I'm 29.
I'm 29 = I'm 35.

I hate the patriarchy = Please will some rich guy with a big house fuck me so I can quit social work.



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