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(This idiot is referring to the moon landings)

I'm not sure I believe it either. You send men on a 480,000 mile round trip, without a test run, on rockets that have never been truly tested, to stay there for three days in 240 degree heat. To then re-connect with the mothership which is orbiting at a speed of 4,000mph (this is like shooting a sparrow in the eyeball as it's flying at full speed, from half a mile away), then re-enter Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 25,000mph, back through the radiation that probably should have killed you, with parachutes stopping you from this 25kmph speed that almost certainly should've just torn and burned. All of this is done in tin can 'space ships'.

Then instead of a raw feed of this stunning feat being broadcast, a hoaky projection of a video (that NASA swears is live) is projected onto a wall at NASA, and the media is allowed to record only those images, hence the awful quality of the video.

All of this, by the way, follows Von Braun declaring the trip to the moon impossible in his book, because he says that only an 800,000 ton craft could even remotely in theory manage it. It also follows a string of mysterious deaths of astronauts who declined to be involved in the 'landings', most through convenient car crashes. One even had his car 'stall' on a railway line before being obliterated with his family, something right out of a bad action/thriller. Of course, the men who did 'go' and agree to be involved were freemasons... those fine upstanding trustworthy members of society.

This farce comes from the same folks who told us about the 6 goriilian and the hot-shot Arab pilots who could thread a jetliner through the eye of a needle, without any training, at a speed of 500mph.



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