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Hmmm. I have this memory of a red line drawn in the sand by our last President. It had something to do with Assad using gas on his own people and how that would cross that line. I vaguely remember our last President in essence shrugging his shoulders when in fact Assad gassed his own citizens and crossed that red line. Or is this just a faulty memory?

The US realised those gas attacks were false flag attacks by rebels, designed to lure the US into bombing Assad. That's why we didn't bomb Assad for supposedly crossing a red-line. We realized he didn't cross the line.

That’s not true. You’re actually telling a lie here and repeating both Iranian and Russian propaganda fed to people by RT and Press TV.

I had no idea US Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh, who reported everything I wrote above, was a liar repeating Russian and Iranian propaganda from RT and Press TV when he wrote his story debunking the so-called Assad gas attack and the conclusions of US and UK intelligence that Assad's government was not responsible.



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