Anna Diehl #fundie

So what are we to make of this horrific idea of grown men smashing infants to death against rocks? Well, what are we to make of the raging popularity of boxing in the world today? Today scores of “civilized” people pay big money to get ringside seats to a show in which two strangers beat each other into bloody pulps. When one guy collapses in agony, the crowd goes wild. As some referee counts off the seconds it takes for the guy to try and struggle back to his feet, everyone is screaming with excitement, and when the fallen guy just can’t manage to stand up because he’s too badly crippled, then the whole stadium erupts in applause. How sick is this? It’s very sick, but it’s also typical behavior for humans. We all have a sadistic side to our nature, and how we express that side depends on the cultures we live in. Today we like to assault each other in video games and in formal contests. Today we write games in which one game character can sexually assault another with the press of a button. And as we crank out the sadomasochistic books and movies and sell torture toys online, can we really claim to be better than the ancient people? Not really. Okay, so they butchered kids on rocks and burned them alive to idols. Well, we build clinics in our communities where we regularly blend living human children into pulp in their mother’s wombs. So the next time you hear some God hater trying to make a thing about the ancient peoples bashing kids brains in, realize the guy is just playing the classic human game of denial. We love to pretend that different can be translated into better and worse, but in reality, much of what humans do is driven by the same depraved impulses.



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