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Chemtrails over my house…

Some will say they’re clouds. Clouds that eject from the back of an aircraft?? Clouds that are seemingly drawn in the sky for questionable purposes?? Look up “chemtrails” and you’ll understand my concern. I call them “sky graffiti.” Check this out–

Chemtrails are NOT contrails! Contrails are water vapor escaping from the engines of aircraft. They dissipate. Chemtrails stay in the sky for long periods of time. You do your own research. Don’t take my word for it. I am, after all, a tinfoil hat wearer!

I remember a couple of years ago I posted an image to Facebook of the morning sun and clouds. Chemtrails were also present in this photo. Someone commented and mentioned the chemtrails. I didn’t know about them then, so I thought he was nuts. Turns out I was blind to the truth. THEY DO EXIST!

It’s great to know more people are waking up and demanding to know what’s going on in our increasingly dangerous world. The higher-ups are terrified of that happening. They know that if their cover is blown (and they have LOTS of cover), they’re finished. Kaput. Ruined. Defeated, like their master, SATAN HIMSELF.

These planes aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill passenger jets gong from point A to point B. These are specialized craft with tanks of chemicals in the back with which the chemical is sprayed into our atmosphere. Why would they do this? To control the weather, and why not, the PTB assume they are God in other ways as well… Check this out also–

Go ahead and mock me. I’m expecting it, or else just outright ignorance. I am even bracing for the coming day when I may be prosecuted for speaking truth.

Do you believe your own eyes, or is your head buried in the sand? Even if this is all faked, why would they put it here?? Why put on such an elaborate, super expensive show? You tell me if you have the answers.



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