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If you look at a map of Oklahoma or any map of the United States you will
see that this particular state is shaped like a hatchet. The narrow strip
of land that borders Texas and Kansas which is northwestern Oklahoma is
the “handle” of the hatchet. While the southern border is a jagged blade.

This is no accident and it is one of the most racist statements made by
the white Federal government of America.

Oklahoma like all of America was stolen from indigenous people by the
white man. When the white man decided to make Oklahoma a part of their
nation they felt it necessary to make a threatening statement to all
Africans, Indians and Mexicans.

They deliberately shaped Oklahoma’s borders in the form of a
hatchet. This was a racist statement directed at Mexicans since Texas was
stolen from Mexico. The white man wanted to also send a message to Mexico
that any Mexicans north of the border would be killed. It also sent a
message that Indians and Africans were not welcomed either and would be



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