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Asian females lack curves generally speaking and they look like Aliens with those mongoloid eyes. The self-hate is justifiable. The only reason I can see a white man dating one, is for the extra experience and sex or simply because he can’t get a nice white female. This said some do look bangable (Especially Japanese girls in stockings).
Good point overall. White people in general wouldn't quickly marry outside their race. The only reason this multi-racial cacogenic cancer gets propagandized 24/7 is because a bunch of ugly Turkic Khazars centuries ago frequently raped Europeans and especially a lot of Eurasian-Caucasians in their region while becoming talmudic-Jews to feel extra special as chosen rape-babies of ugly Turkic fucks while mingling with the incoming inbred immoral unwanted Jews from various nations to their empire as well, while later immigrating to European nations in hordes – some before and also after the destruction of their empire. While all becoming inbred eventually while simultaneously being a completely mongreilzed race - the history of Ashkenazim - the chosen ones.



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