aussieincel #racist

The most subhuman race on the planet is Australian Aboriginals (or 'boongs').

I live in Australia and legitimately don't consider them as human. Despite living in a developed country with all the food etc they need to maximise IQ scores, their average IQ is 62. This is far below blacks (average IQ of African-Americans is about 90). I have NEVER seen an Aboriginal (that actually looks like one, plenty of people who are 1/16 Aboriginal say that they're Aboriginal to claim benefits) working or in work clothes (other than the digeredoo buskers), the majority of them are unemployed and mooch around public housing estates, parks, train stations etc asking for money, drinking cask wine all day, abusing and threatening people who walk past and just being a general shit stain on society. Being legit here, anyone who has been to Australia would know this. Boongs make up 2.5% of Australia's population, yet 25% of all prisoners here are boongs, and in juvenile detention over 50% of inmates are boongs. A 'race' that is 2.5% of the population commit the MAJORITY of youth crime in Australia. Also, Aboriginal 'parents' raping their own children as well as other forms of child abuse has been described as 'common practice' in many Aboriginal communities. Many live in little communities (all paid for by the taxpayer of course) that get brand new houses every few years because the boongs simply destroy them, they have a habit of tearing up the floorboards in their houses for firewood. They are incapable of living in a modern, civilised society.



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